Nails of the day!

Hello! I would like to start sharing more posts so I figured NOTD posts are a pretty good place to start. Short and sweet 🙂 For my first NOTD post I have some neon, holo, and glitter! The turquoise linear holo polish is Swerve from Liquid Sky Lacquer. Super smooth and opaque. 2 thin coats with a coat of Sally Hansen Color Frenzy textured glitter polish in Green Machine. The neon green polish is Grass Is Lime Greener from China Glaze. This polish takes 3 coats. Not the best formula :/  I used regular scotch tape to make the triangle shape. Before I removed the tape, I stamped a random line design using Pueen stamping plate pueen05. I then added a silver square stud. Topped it all with what else but Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl fast drying & super shiny top coat! Hope you enjoy my NOTD!!

With flash.

Please excuse the hair! 3 furbabies does that lol!

Drip Drop Nail Paint ~ Prototype #808

 Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyones holiday was wonderful! My family and I had a great Christmas 🙂 Now I am back and have a pile of swatches and other reviews to post! Lets check out this first beauty from Drip Drop Nail Paint. I bought a few prototype bags a while ago for me and for some nail mail ladies!! I kept more than I planned on, which was only 3, but I had to have them. This one is number 808. I think out of the 3 I have this is my favorite. It is a pastel purple with very slight holo dust scattered throughout. This formula isn’t exactly a total crème but has a touch of jellyness to it. I believe I have seen it called a cremelly. I may be crazy but either way I like it 🙂 Because the holo is so fine I had the hardest time capturing it. I did, however, make up for it with stamping!! I received some new plates and wanted to play lol. These swatches are all 3 thin smooth coats with top coat. I used Winstonia stamping plate w101 using China Glaze Seas The Day.

                            I love this combo!! Stay tuned for the other DDNP I have for you 🙂

Fresh Paint ~ Guava

Hello fellow polish lovers!! Feels like forever since i have blogged. Just haven’t had the motivation i guess!  I also havent had much to blog about!! But that will change very soon. I have a brush review and a cuticle oil review coming up!! I recently found out that the store 5 Below has polishes based off of the movie Frozen. Now, if any of you have kids(especially girls) you know just how huge this movie is!! So when my husband said he was going right by the store i asked if he could pick up a set for each of the girls. They are put away for now as presents and i have t gotten my own set to review yet but im sure they will be coming lol. Anyways, my husband also came back with this amazing polish! It is from the brand Fresh Paint and it is called Guava. What an awesome neon!! I used it for 3 manicures in a row and didnt even realize it because i love it that much!! Its formula is just amazing for a neon polish. I had no streaking and a very smooth finish after 2 coats. It does NOT dry completely matte. More of a waxy finish. For these pictures i am using top coat. I also compared it to the ever so popular China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. It was a little more orange toned than FFF but really close. FFF has a very picky formula though that i would rather not deal with. I used 3 normal coats on my middle finger in the last few pics. Also using top coat. Check it out and leave a comment!! I would love to know what you think!! Guava alone.

Guava and CG FFF

Overall, i would say that for the price and formula the fresh paint polish is way better!! Hurry and go get yours!!

Sally Hansen ~ Pacific Blue comparison

Hey my fellow polish lovers!! So there is a huge deal about this reformulation of Sally Hansens Pacific Blue #420. As soon as I heard about it i knew i wanted to grab an original before they were gone. I mentioned it to my husband while swatching and the next day he came home with a huge smile! He says,” i grabbed you the last pacific blue they had.” He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the new, darker pacific blue. He must have seen the “ugh” look on my face because he immediately asked if he should return it. I figured it would be good to hold onto for comparison purposes. And with all the up roar i figured todays the day! First i compared it to China Glaze’s Frostbite. They are very similar. Except for the fact that the new Sally hansen is a jelly polish. Check it out. I did Frostbite on my pinkie and middle fingers, and the new Pacific Blue on my ring and pointer. 3 coats each with topcoat. 

Here is the original Pacific Blue alone. 2 coats no topcoat!!

And lastly this is both the new and old Pacific Blue! The new on my ring finger and the old on the rest. 

Final thoughts: i didnt like the formula on the new one at all. Its pretty but not anywhere near as stand out as the original!! If you can get your hand on the old one before its gone for good!!!! 

Vinyl Boutique nail decals

Hey my polish addicts!! Today I have a manicure to show you that uses vinyl nail decals. I received these to use and review from the sweet Laura!! She is the owner of  Vinyl Boutique. She offers everything from animal shape decals to labels for your kitchen containers. like flour, sugar, brown sugar stuff like that. she does monogrammed stickers and iPhone/pad/pod charger wraps!! I was just looking at her page and she has lowered her prices and ships internationally. I still have a few more decals that I will be showing you soon! I really love the idea of hounds tooth decals but taking them off and placing them piece by piece can get tiring! Other than that I loved everything about these!! Here are the hounds tooth and the kissing lips 🙂 Make sure to follow Laura on Instagram to keep up with sales!!! 

                                                    These 2 pictures were taken in my house next to a window. you can see the screen shadow lol.

This was in my house with no lights on

I had the worst luck with all of my macro shots so I’m sorry these are blurry!!

China Glaze ~ Seahorsin’ Around

Hello!!I had the intention of showing you the rest of the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection, but I really didn’t like the way any of my pictures came out after giving them a second look. So for now I have just 1. At least its a pretty one. This is Seahorsin’ Aound. I love how much it flashes and shimmers. Blue, green, gold!!! Totally captures the feel of the ocean on a really sunny day and the water is just sparkling under the sun!! Totally perfect. This was 3 coats but would have been fine with 2. I just like the extra texture of the layers 🙂 It dries matte although like pretty much all of this collection it just shimmers so much you cant tell. I did add a top coat to my ring finger. I prefer it without topcoat though. An all around wonderful polish!! See for yourself 🙂

China Glaze ~ Shell We Dance?

Good afternoon my friends! For the past few months I have doing nail mail swaps with Mildred. (@millnpolish on instagram). She has cheaper access to my favorite main stream brand and I have… Well, depends on the time of swap! Yesterday I received a package from her with 5 of the 6 polishes from the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection. The only one I am missing now is Sand Dolla Make You Holla. I should have it pretty soon 😉 Today I have Shell We Dance? I am such a sucker for textured polish. I just love it so much!!! This one did not disappoint! I used 3 thin coats of this dusty, matte, rosy color. Even though it is matte, it has quite the sparkle and shimmer. In fact it doesn’t even look too matte at all. More an effect of the texture. And for a textured polish goes on very smoothly. I feel that CG has definitely upped their textured game! I did use top coat on my ring finger but I skipped it on the rest so you could get an idea of just how textured this polish is. I cannot wait to swatch and show you the rest 😀 This polish has small metallic silver and rose glitters and a slight shimmer that just make this polish pop! See for your self and let me know what you think!!

Inspired by @rachell_rachell

Hi lovelies ❤ I hope so far everyone is having a wonderful day!! I am in high spirits today and excited to show you my "inspired by" manicure!! On instagram I follow this super talented lady! her ig name is @rachell_rachell. Definitely go give her a follow!! Today she posted these awesome nails that I had to recreate. I will show you hers and then mine. They differ in color but are pretty much the same. For my nails i used 3 coats of Sephora by O.P.I  looks like rain, dear. I topped that with my Glisten & Glow HK girl fast drying and super shiny clear top coat.(A review of that will be coming soon). After that I used nail tape to place in a chevron design. The colors I used for the ombre effect are Rimmel French white tip, Sinful colors sweet tooth, China glaze spontaneous, China glaze coconut kiss, and China glaze VII. Maybe someday I will do videos and tutorials but until then feel free to ask questions in the comments!!! I topped my design with my G&G top coat and I just love it. I hope you all like it as much as I do!!! 🙂

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails :)

Hey ladies!! By now im sure you all know that October is breast cancer awareness month. I support this cause every chance i get. Im sure this is where most women would tell a survivor story of some sort. I on the other hand dont have one. I dont and never have known anyone with this awful disease. For this i am very lucky!! I support this cause just because i am female. My friends, mother, sisters, daughters are all female. The chances are 1in 8 women so the chances are high. Please go get yourself checked!! It could save your life!! I did these nails for this cause. I used china glaze something sweet, stardust polish pink bikini, and orly miss conduct for the ombré. The gems are self stick gems from avon ( thanks mom!). Enjoy ladies!!!

This is where i will add all of my breast cancer awareness manis 🙂 heres a few shots of my mix n match acrylic paint design!!

Sparkly pattern nails

Hey ladies!! I did these for a contest on instagram. The theme is sparkly patterns. For these i used all china glaze polishes. “Glistening snow” on my pointer. The purple is “thats shore bright” and who doesnt know of “flip flop fantasy”?! Also topped with the ever so loved “fairy dust” 🙂 enjoy!!