LE Polish ~ Polish Pickup February 2018

                                                                          *Provided for review 

Hello!! I have a new to me brand to show you tonight. So, this Polish Pickup thing is no joke! 50 or so bands participate each month 😳 If you are not a member of this amazing Facebook group, click HERE and join! For now let’s talk about LE Polish. What a fabulous introduction to a new brand of indie polish. And, Allison lives in CT like I do. In fact, I live where she grew up and she lives where I grew up lol! Seriously what are the chances. Anywho, let’s get to the polish.

The theme for the month of February is “Sugar Rush”. Allison grabbed her inspiration from this iconic Marilyn Monroe pic with bubblegum 💗 Pop! is a holographic base with pink to orange to gold color shifting flakies and lots of hot pink micro flakes. Seriously, a chameleon polish. It’s not intentional by the maker, but when I first got this on I thought it was copper and gold flakies in a holo base with micro red glitters and a blue flash. Yo… I was way more than wrong. At least I knew it was holo! Pop! has a fantastically smooth formula. I used 3 thin coats, for full coverage, and top coat for my swatch. 

bottle macro

with flash
For the art I used OPI Hey, Baby and Winstonia Store stamping plates W112 &W105.

Pop! and all of the other goodies available from Polish Pickup will only be available from February 2nd-5th! Mark your calendars!! As of now, this polish does not have a cap! Make sure it’s on your list and your calendars are marked! This is only available for a few days so don’t miss it. Have a great night ❤

LevelUP Lacquer ~ Bertie Bott’s Collection Part 1 ~ Good Flavors

                                                                        *Provided for review

          Hello fellow nail lovers! How many of you are also Harry Potter fans? My mother in law made me watch one a night until I had watched them all! And I have to say thank you so much Pam because now I love them! When Ash told me she had a Bertie Bott’s Collection I was so excited! I have to say that I judged these extra hard because they HAVE to look like the “flavor” names! There are 10 polishes in this collection so I split it into 2 parts. This first part will be the good “flavors”. Let’s get started!

          Honey is a golden yellow that really resembles honey! It is a jelly polish so it wont get totally opaque. The formula was awesome. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat.

3 thin coats of Honey with top coat

Honey macro
Bubblegum is a pink crelly with pink circles and holo glitters. This is perfect for bubblegum… and Barbie lol!! Love it! Wonderful formula opaque in 3 thin coats with top coat.
3 thin coats of Bubblegum with top coat

Bubblegum macro
Cranberry is a creamy deep red polish with red and pink glass flecks. Definitely the color of a cranberry! So much depth to this one! My swatch is 2 smooth coats with top coat.
2 coats of Cranberry with top coat

Cranberry macro
Sugared Violets is a gorgeous light purple crelly. This polish has white hex glitters, iridescent glitters, and a crazy amount of iridescent micro flakies. Maybe its shimmer but either way its freakin amazing! I did try my best but these colors lean slightly blue. I swear purple just hates me and any camera I will ever own!!! My swatch is 3 thin perfect coats with top coat.
3 thin coats of Sugared Violets with top coat

Sugared Violets macro
Lastly we have Orange Marmalade. I just wanna keep wearing this one. It is a orange jelly polish with orange glitters that range from light to dark. Definitely a stunner. My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat. Perfect formula. Tons of glitter but not too thick at all.
3 thin coats of Orange Marmalade with top coat

Orange Marmalade macro
Overall, I love these. The colors matched the names so perfectly! So here is the deal with these babies. Right now you can buy the complete 10 piece collection for $70. I’m sure that wont last long so if you want them grab them!!! You can also buy them singly for $9.25. There is an option to be surprised, like the Bertie Bott’s! These are available in sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10. The risk is that you choose 50% of the colors and Ash picks the other 50%. So with a 2 pack you would choose 1 and Ash would choose the other. With a 4 pack you would choose 2 and Ash would choose 2 etc etc. Each 2 pack would be $14. Such a fun way to incorporate the game of it! Make sure you stay tuned for part 2 of this collection so you can pick which ones to buy!!! Let me know which one you like the most and which Harry Potter movie is your favorite. Links below!!
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