Glisten & Glow ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Polishes + Cuticle Oil Pen

*Provided for review



Hey guys 🙂 I am SO happy to be sharing this with you today! Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause I believe very strongly in. I have donated time and money when I can. But guess what? I have never personally known anyone who has had to deal with this. It seems crazy but it’s true. I honestly just believe that because I am a woman, my mom is a woman, my daughters are women, etc; we should all be supporting the cause. It is mostly a female issue so why not support something that can happen to anyone you love! Here is another thing you may or may not know: At the end of July, Jill’s mom Anne was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes.  The cancer was found at her yearly mammogram. They remain positive and hopeful for a cancer free future for her. Her form of breast cancer is aggressive and over the next year she will be receiving chemo, have surgery, and radiation. Fortunately, financially it will all be possible for her but for many women it is not. Jill and Anne created this collection to raise awareness of early detection, breast cancer in general, and to help women during this difficult time. 100% of the profits* from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Cancer Center in CT where she is receiving treatment and the donation will be earmarked for women who need financial assistance for treatments. We will be sharing the specific Cancer Center closer to launch and the donation will be publicly shown when the sale is completed. (*Profits are calculated less the cost of the ingredients to make the product, shipping and PayPal fees and promo discount codes.) I can only hope to do these babies justice for the both of them ❤ Let’s go!

Pink Is Stronger Than You Think is a light pink crème polish packed with pink and copper shimmer with a light dusting of holo. This one was a little streaky on the first coat. It totally covered on the second coat. This polish is super pretty and dainty, but for me it wasn’t the best G&G polish I have used formula wise. I’m sure a little thinner would fix it right up! I used 2 coats plus Glisten & Glow glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Art was done using The Breast Is Yet To Come for the dry brushing and stamping, and Born Pretty stamping plate BP-26.


with flash
matte macro
with art


Big Or Small, Save Them All is a medium pink crelly polish packed with blue, purple, and pink ucc flakies and a light dusting of holo. I ADORE this one! The formula is freaking fantastic ❤ This is my ultimate polish I think. Seriously wouldn’t change a thing! I used 3 thin coats plus G&G glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. For the art I used G&G Mother Fire and a black polish for the stamping and Born Pretty stamping plate BP-26.


with flash
matte macro
with art


The Breast Is Yet To Come is a dark pink/magenta sparkly shimmer. This one is almost foil like but not as foily. Know what I mean lol?! Absolutely perfect for the season and upcoming holidays. The formula was wonderful and went on smoothly in 2 coats. I used 2 coats and G&G glossy and matte top coats for my swatch. For the art I used Pink Is Stronger Than You Think and I hand painted the design using The Breast Is Yet To Come. I never said I was an artist lol. I am left handed, swatching on my left hand and doing art with my right hand…  This is why I stamp all the time!


with flash
matte macro
with art


Lets not forget the cuticle oil! This is Fight Strong! and it smells divine ❤ The oil is scented with a fruity blend of passion fruit and guava with top notes of pink pepper and berry. Y’ALL… You need this as much as you need air to live. Let’s move on to how you get this amazingness!

This trio of polish, along with the cuticle oil, will be available on October 7th 2018 at 7pm EST. The 4 piece collection (3 polishes + 1 pen) will be $32 USD. Individual polishes will be $10.50 USD each. The cuticle oil pen alone will be $6.99 USD. If you buy the whole collection you end up getting the oil for $.49 USD. That is an amazing deal!! If you are going to get any BCA polish at all, get these. It’s just a great donation to an important cause for someone very close to home for the brand ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope you enjoyed the novel lol! As always links below 🙂


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OPI ~ Pink Of Hearts 2014

Hello! Tonight I have a polish duo From OPI. This is the Pink Of Hearts collection for 2014. It took me forever to get these but I have made a point of getting every yearly set/polish since 2012. Not a huge accomplishment but I had just stopped biting my nails so whatever! Anyone who knows me also knows that awareness of breast cancer is super important to me. As it should be for all females (and men)!!! It could happen to anyone anytime!! Click here to be brought directly to the Susan G. Komen site for info and/or to donate!! Back to the polish! Pink Of Hearts 2014 had 2 polishes and a little pink nail file with a glitter side and attached pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is clipped on with a lobster claw type clasp and I am really happy about that because I will be able to move it to my key chain when I am done using the file.

 First polish up is Mod About You. Mod About You is a bright pastel pink crème. the formula is very opaque but I still found it very streaky. My swatch on my fresh new nubs is 3 thin coats with a shiny topcoat.

 Second polish is The Power Of Pink. This polish is a sheer milky crelly tinted slightly pink with matte white and fuchsia micro and medium sized glitters. This was the one I was more excited for and I ended up liking the pink crème better!! I really do like this, its just not for me. I may come back to this when my nails are a little longer. My swatch is 3 thin coats with top coat and a matte coat on my pinkie. Very smooth formula for so much glitter!

 Over all I am super happy with this purchase! I cant wait to see what OPI releases for 2015!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails :)

Hey ladies!! By now im sure you all know that October is breast cancer awareness month. I support this cause every chance i get. Im sure this is where most women would tell a survivor story of some sort. I on the other hand dont have one. I dont and never have known anyone with this awful disease. For this i am very lucky!! I support this cause just because i am female. My friends, mother, sisters, daughters are all female. The chances are 1in 8 women so the chances are high. Please go get yourself checked!! It could save your life!! I did these nails for this cause. I used china glaze something sweet, stardust polish pink bikini, and orly miss conduct for the ombré. The gems are self stick gems from avon ( thanks mom!). Enjoy ladies!!!

This is where i will add all of my breast cancer awareness manis 🙂 heres a few shots of my mix n match acrylic paint design!!