OPI ~ Umpires Come Out At Night

Good morning! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and continues to have a nice relaxing Sunday! As usual here in Connecticut we are expecting snow later today. We have had snow once a week (at least) consistently for 6 weeks now! I am so over it! I have to do a post to help me forget about it so today I bring you, OPI Umpires Come Out At Night. I also added a shimmer topcoat from Orly just because it was a great match! Lets start with UCOAN. I went to the OPI site and it says that this is a crème polish. I really thought it was a crelly by the super smooth way it applied. It is so creamy and shiny. I picked this up because it reminded me so much of Revlon Royal. Turns out its darker and not as bold. That’s fine with me. Who doesn’t love blue polish?! For this swatch I used 3 thin coats plus topcoat. I didn’t need the third coat at all. Not even to even out the polish. I’m just weird like that lol. Look how gorgeous!!!

Here I have 1 coat of Love Each Other from Orly Over UCOAN. To me, it looks like very fine pink and blue shimmers in a clear base. Now, because of the mix of color shimmers, it flashes violet. I love it!  I used glossy topcoat for all but the ring finger. I used matte on that finger so you could see the shimmer!

What a standout combo!! Hope you enjoyed my random Sunday morning swatch!!

Sinful Colors ~ Starry Night & Rain Rubber

 Happy Saturday night ladies!! I am sitting at home bringing this post to you! Last night my husband came home from work super early and brought me home a few polishes. He grabbed me 2 Sinful Colors, Starry Night and Rain Rubber. For me, SC is always a reliable brand at a wonderful price! Not to mention how easy they are to find. My SC collection is now well over 100!! My husband always pays attention to small polish talk and oohs and ahhs as I surf through blogs and social media. So when I mentioned I needed Starry Night, he took note! He grabbed me Rain Rubber because I may have a slight obsession with texture. So, SN was an upset with the formula. It is a black cream polish with tiny holo glitters, micro pink metallic glitter, and gold holo shards. Beautiful but very thick and very streaky. I added some thinner and it helped a tiny bit but it was still not nice to work with. This is 3 thick coats with topcoat. Next time I will try one coat over black.  RR, on the other hand, was a dream to use! Two easy peasy coats with a quick dry time. The texture in this is barely noticeable compared to other SC textured polishes. It is almost identical to the texture of a rubberized joystick on a game controller. Its definitely unique but I love it!! For this mani I used both polishes together and matched it with a few blue heart studs. Check it out and enjoy!! 🙂

Nail art April challenge

Hi everyone! I have debated doing this for a while but I think I finally convinced myself to just do it. Every month on Instagram there are a bunch of nail art challenges. I participated in my first challenge in March. I didn’t think to blog about it so I didn’t save any of those pictures. I did do April and that’s what I will show you here. I am doing 2 challenges for May which I will also be sharing with you. Hopefully I can stick with it and keep posting my pictures because I really do want to work on my art! Is this something you do on Instagram? I would love to know who else does these monthly art challenges!! Let me know in the comments and enjoy my attempts at art!! They are in order as the picture lists!!

Julep ~ Margaret

Hi!!! This time for you I have one of my Julep Maven polishes. This one is by far my favorite. Margaret was a flawless application with a glassy smooth finish. For these picture I did NOT use topcoat!! This dusty cornflower blue is just the most perfect spring color. It had an average dry time but everything else about it was A++++++!!! Lets get right to it. I cannot wait to show you these!! I used 2 coats of this luscious crème.  Let me know what you think 🙂

PolishTBH ~ Polar Express

Here is the second polish I grabbed from an instagram destash. Polar Express from PolishTBH. It is a dark denim blue polish with gold glitters that dries matte. I love this polish so much. I have been searching for a blue polish that looks like jeans. I don’t know why but I just had to have one. I was so excited to see that I had finally found my perfect denim polish without even knowing it!! This polish applies like butter. It is so smooth!!! I took a macro shot of this and it looks textured but its not. I really am not sure what made it look like that. maybe the glitter? I took pics with it matte and shiny. I prefer it matte. just out of the bottle perfection. this is a retired polish but I happen to see Chrissy say that she would never turn down a custom order! 😉 Good for me because I will need more of this. check out my pictures and leave a comment!!! 🙂

Sinful Colors ~ Blue Persuasion

Of the 4 textured Sinful Colors I have so far, this is my favorite by a long shot!!! Again this is really weird for me since my 2 least favorites are the pink and purple. I like them both but wait until you see this one!! Its this awesome dark blue with pink glitters 🙂 As with the green one this needed 2 coats and dried super fast to a matte textured finish. I got an awesome macro of this one for you!!! I highly recommend this polish if you don’t have it already!!! Get ready to drool… 😉

Bling Biscuit Lacquers ~ Dark Waters

Hello again ladies 🙂 Here i have Bling Biscuits Lacquer Dark Waters. This is such a gorgous blue. It is very sheer though. I never really liked sheer polishes before but i have learned to layer and adapt!! I put 3 coats of this polish over black and a pastel blue. Its sooooo pretty. Not positive but it looks like a foil polish but sheer if thats possible lol. The formula was good but streaky on the first coat. Totally evened itself out on the second and third coats. Dry time was great!! And the logo is the cutest ever!!! Enjoy this wonderful polish 🙂

The Juice Box ~ Sunrise Sight Seeing

Hi!! I have been waiting to show this one forever it seems!! The Juice Box Sunrise Sight Seeing! It has patiently sat in my drawer… until last night 🙂 This did take 4 coats to opacity but i usually like to try a polish on its own first to see what its got. Ya know what i mean? Well i definitely should have worn a sky blue color under this one. No matter. It ended up builing up beautifully. Again i did need to glitter fish. But only for the yellow dots!! The rest went on smoothly 🙂 I definitely will be ordering more of her polish in the future. She is great at color matching!! Enjoy 🙂

Nicole by OPI ~ Pros & Confidence

Hello!! Today i have Pros & Confidence. Like the other two polishes in this set the formula is great. But again just like the others its a pretty blah color. Its actually a little more greenish and not so bright. Its nice but i could but this color from any other brand. I had this on for maybe an hour for swatching only and i had bad staining. I would hate to see what happens when its on for a day!!! Not too sure i will be keeping these. Enjoy!!

3 Little Monsters ~ la la loopsy collection

This brand is designed by 3 little girls whose mom owns disturbed potions!! Such a cute idea 🙂 the theme of this set was la la loopsy. Even having 2 girls i dont know much about this doll… anywho i did swatch all of the polishes for you!! My favorite by far is of course the pink. I wanted to like the yellow one but i did have some issues. They are minis so i know they will get thick a little faster than a full size bottle but the yellow needed thinner as soon as i opened it. I liked it much more after that!! It also has heart glitter that i had issues showing because they are white and were easily lost under the yellow polish. It has a very pretty shimmer though which i couldnt capture in my pics. The blue was the same. As far as application with the pink and blue, it was a breeze. No glitter fishing and the perfect thin/thickness. Now for pics 🙂

L-R: Lala, Loops, Oopsy

The macro bottle shot isnt color acurate but the nails are!! 2 coats over white

This was 2 coats alone and i paired it with stardust polish’s pink bikini!!

This is 2 coats over sinful colors sweet nothing. It didnt need undies but it matched so well i couldnt help myself!! Not the best pic but i love it. Overall some great polishes!! Cant wait to try more!! Enjoy 🙂