Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewI tried so hard to write up this post last night. I ended up falling asleep 😑 This cold has just really kicked my butt. I am here now though, so let's check out the next polish in Wildflower Lacquer's Birth Flower series.Dainty Daisies is a light lavender base with purple and gold… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

Wildflower Lacquer ~ March Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewHi!! Back again with Wildflower Lacquer's Birth Month Flower series. Each month there is a polish that was inspired by that months birth flower and this months is daffodil 💛 I have sooo much going on in March for special dates. Both of my daughters birthdays, my niece and nephew's birthdays, and my… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ March Birth Flower

Wildflower Lacquer ~ Fe(a)bruary Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewMonday... I will do my best to perk it up for you! Taylor from Wildflower Lacquer is continuing her monthly birth flower series with February's birth flower, violets. Let's have a look 😊Violets Blossoming is a deep violet holo jelly with holo flakes, and UCC flakes that shift blue/purple/red/gold. This jelly formula applies… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ Fe(a)bruary Birth Flower

Wildflower Lacquer ~ January Birth Flower

*Provided for reviewHi everyone! I have some news to share with you from Taylor from Wildflower Lacquer! Starting on December 30th, there will be a Birth Flower polish of the month! I'm so excited to start sharing these with you! Let's get started with the January birth flower: carnations ❤Carnations In Bloom is "a blue… Continue reading Wildflower Lacquer ~ January Birth Flower