Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Love Song

My favorite of the 3 polishes i was sent to swatch for Deb. Owner of Honey Bunny Lacquer. This is Love Song. Another jam packed glitter bomb. This one is from Alice in Chains EP SAP. A hidden track actually 🙂 The polish has matte pink, orange, and off white squares and hexes. Matte pink… Continue reading Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Love Song

Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Rotten Apple

Ok. So this is the first of 2 glitter bombs from Honey Bunny Lacqer. Its called Rotten apple. It is from Alice in chains EP Jar of Flies. This polish is packed with all types of glitter. Caramel, bronze, and red (metallic and holographic) glitters of all sizes and added red dots! One of my… Continue reading Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Rotten Apple

Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Dirt

Hey ladies 🙂 Today i have some Honey Bunny Lacquers from Deb's Alice in Chains collection!! This collection will be available on November 16th!! Be sure to check it out because from what i have it will be amazing!! She sent me a soft metallic (you'll see what i mean) and two serious glitter bombs!!… Continue reading Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Dirt