Polish Pickup May 2018 ~ LevelUP Lacquer

*Provided for review


Hi everyone! I am sure you are all busy making your Polish Pickup decisions. Let me throw 2 more things at you real quick! I know it’s last minute but I didn’t want this to get lost in the flow of things. It is an amazing crelly polish and glitter gel! How freaking 90’s right?! Ashley is always so very good at matching her theme pics! So let’s see what we got shall we?


Who played this??? I did not own this system so I sadly did not. BUT, I have seen it played by friends. Does that even count? Anywho, Shaken, Not Stirred is a soft grey crelly base with gold crushed glitters, gold flakes, and a scattering of large black flakes. So .007!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch with top coat. As usual, you could totally get away with 2 coats. I just polish differently I think.


with flash


matte with flash
matte macro

How about another 90’s icon?


Almost every girl out there has seen this version of Cinderella. Except me of course. I don’t do well with movies that make me cry. I’m more of an out loud sobber lol!! Which has kept me watching scary and/or action movies. Either way, this moment here gives me chills. I can feel how she is feeling and it’s intense. To go with the chills and mood, Ash brings you a glitter gel to match Drew Barrymore! It looks just like this glittery gif and it only has 3 ingredients! 100% pure unscented aloe gel, liquid glycerin, and cosmetic grade glitter! You can use this gel anywhere you want except near you eyes and mouth for safety reasons. It’s awesome in your hair!! Once dry this glitter will stay put until you wash it off with soap and water. Rub it in with your fingers or use the included sponge for a more intense look.


Now for the deets. Shaken, Not Stirred has NO CAP!!! This polish will be $10.50 USD. The body glitter will be $6.50 USD and WILL BE CAPPED at 150 2oz. jars. Polish Pickup opens tomorrow May 4th and will close May 7th! DON’T MISS THESE. Links are below. Have a great day my loves ❤

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Polish Pickup May 2018 ~ LE Polish

*Provided for review


Hi all! I’m still here! I have had a tooth infection this week so I have been really quiet. If you have ever had a toothache then you know how debilitating it can be. Just ugh… So let’s make this quick so I can get back to my ice pack lol. LE Polish is back again for Polish Pickup. The theme this month is the 90’s! I was born in 1984 so the 90’s were a HUGE part of my growing up. I was the kid who had friends that were into a little bit of everything. I always stayed toward the grunge, metal, piercings, dyed air, angst stuff. The rebel! If that sounds familiar to you then you are going to need this polish. If you know grunge, then you know the name Courtney Love and the band Hole.


Pic taken from google


The ultimate Queen Of Grunge. The polish of the same name is exactly what I think of from that inspiration pic! Seriously, spot on.


Queen Of Grunge is a nude crelly polish with dark grey micro flakies, color shifting flakes, and an aurora shimmer. Get ready for lots of pics! I have little nubs now and wasn’t sure what looked best lol. Feel free to let me know what you like or don’t like!! For my swatch I used 2 perfectly perfect coats with top coat for my swatch.


with flash
with flash


I added some “grunge” era nail art! Super 90’s 🙂


The flakies make this polish. They are subtle but fantastic with the neutral base. This polish will be $12.00 USD and there are only 200 bottles available! Don’t forget, Polish Pickup is only open May 4th – May 7th 2018. Things literally fly off the shelves so get your order ready and be prepared!! Links below 🙂


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