3 Little Monsters ~ la la loopsy collection

This brand is designed by 3 little girls whose mom owns disturbed potions!! Such a cute idea 🙂 the theme of this set was la la loopsy. Even having 2 girls i dont know much about this doll… anywho i did swatch all of the polishes for you!! My favorite by far is of course the pink. I wanted to like the yellow one but i did have some issues. They are minis so i know they will get thick a little faster than a full size bottle but the yellow needed thinner as soon as i opened it. I liked it much more after that!! It also has heart glitter that i had issues showing because they are white and were easily lost under the yellow polish. It has a very pretty shimmer though which i couldnt capture in my pics. The blue was the same. As far as application with the pink and blue, it was a breeze. No glitter fishing and the perfect thin/thickness. Now for pics 🙂

L-R: Lala, Loops, Oopsy

The macro bottle shot isnt color acurate but the nails are!! 2 coats over white

This was 2 coats alone and i paired it with stardust polish’s pink bikini!!

This is 2 coats over sinful colors sweet nothing. It didnt need undies but it matched so well i couldnt help myself!! Not the best pic but i love it. Overall some great polishes!! Cant wait to try more!! Enjoy 🙂