Fomo Lacquer ~ Holo-Daze Miracle

*I bought this polish Hey y'all! I hope we are all ready for the Holidays! I'm as ready as I'll ever be I guess lol. Always feel like I could do more. Anywho, I won't keep you today since I'm sure you are all busy. To the polish! Holo-Daze Miracle is a dusty cranberry shade… Continue reading Fomo Lacquer ~ Holo-Daze Miracle

Glisten & Glow ~ Living Free In 2023

*These polishes were provided for review Hey y'all! Can you believe we are about at the end of the year?! I knew it was coming, it just came so fast. Next week we drive to Texas! Just so crazy it's here. Are you all decorated for the holidays? I am not. Not even a little… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Living Free In 2023

Glisten & Glow ~ Living Free In 23′ ~ December 22 PPU

*These polishes were provided for review Hey! How are we all doing? My household is sick with a cold. Hate being sick. Luckily it's not too horrible for me. My poor son is getting it the worst. He is almost 3 and has never been sick! Like even as a baby he never spit up.… Continue reading Glisten & Glow ~ Living Free In 23′ ~ December 22 PPU

Jior Couture ~ December 22 PPU

*This polish was provided for review Do you see that polish?! That's what I have for you today! And that's not even the best part of this polish. Let's dive right in so I can show you this beauty! Dous Makos is a chocolate (cold) to raspberry (warm) thermal with strawberry pink to gold shimmer… Continue reading Jior Couture ~ December 22 PPU

Captain Beard Takeover

*This product was gifted Good day all you caffeine-nites...or is it cuticlers? Either way, all you fans of Caffeinated Cuticles expecting to be seeing a post about nails and/or nail products, you've been deceived. I, Captain Beard, have commandeered this blog. There have been enough blogs about nails stuff, so I've decided that it's time… Continue reading Captain Beard Takeover