Fanchromatic Nails ~ Moonchild

*This polish was provided for review

Hi!! How is everyone on this beautiful Friday? I would love to be enjoying it but my son has a double ear infection and some slight breathing issues so we are quite miserable over here. At least we have a pretty polish today! Lets check it out.

Moonchild is an opalescent, aurora color shifting topper. It contains two contrasting interference pigments in two different particle sizes offering a complex, dazzling color shift no matter what color you choose to wear it over! I put it over Glisten & Glow’s Catch Your Dreams. I have been enjoying toppers more and more over this last year. I think it’s because I have fallen in love with creme polishes. But I still crave the sparkle! This specific topper is perfect! Totally eye catching with just a shimmer. So beautiful. It shifts from pink to blue to purple to green from what I see. She shifty. Formula glides on like butter. Just perfection if you love a good shimmer. I used 1 coat for my swatches.

Since 2019, Fanchromatic Nails has offered an exclusive, unique nail color every month of the year. You can order just that month’s polish, up to 12 months at a time (with a discount!), or sign up for a continuing subscription. Full size starts at $15 for just one month. The mini size is $9.50 for just 1 month. Keep in mind the more you purchase the bigger your discount! I always love a good exclusive too. Makes me feel like I’m part of some special club lol. This is only available for the rest of March! It will not be available again so get your hands on it!! It’s so versatile you won’t regret it!

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