Glisten & Glow ~ Boho Vibes

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey peeps! I hope your week has started off right. We had no school yesterday or today so I am dealing with one hyper kiddo! I’m sure you have probably seen already but G&G is coming out with some amazing cremes. There are 2 separate collections with 4 polishes each. Let’s get started with the Boho Vibes Collection.

Wild Soul is a rose mauve creme polish. Have you tried Jill’s creme polishes before? If not you are seriously missing out! They are perfection of perfection!! Opaque and they just glide on. They self level like whoa. They are even pretty shiny without top coat. Just wonderful. I used 2 easy coats for my swatches. I also wanna add real quick that I watched Polish Lab Rat‘s live last night and she made these all work with just 1 coat. She does have shorter nails but it is possible!

Free Spirit is a dusty olive green creme polish. I really love this one! How long have I been on my green kick? Feels like forever lol. But for real, it’s just sooo good! Same great qualities as mentioned above. I do want to say that you should wear a good base coat or maybe even double up your base coat. This one (as well as most of this collection) may stain. It’s because of the yellow pigment. It’s just a pain <insert eye roll> I used 2 thin coats for my swatches.

Earth Angel is a dusty rosewood creme polish. To me it’s giving raisin vibes. My husband thinks I’m crazy though so idk. Again, this polish is just fabulous. This is actually my favorite of this collection. Not my normal AT ALL. I am just really drawn to it. I used 2 smooth coats for my swatches.

Catch Your Dreams is a medium dusty cornflower blue creme polish. Oh my goodness does Jill make fantastic blues! And just wait until the next collection’s blue! I freaking LOVE a dusty blue. Like, gimme them all. I think they fit pretty much every skin tone. As with the others, this polish is impeccable. I used 2 thin buttery coats for my swatches.

So, what do you think? I hope they will fill in some shade gaps for you in your collections. They totally do for me. And besides the colors they are just spectacular quality. You really can’t go wrong with a G&G creme polish! These polishes stamp and watermarble. I really need to watermarble more. I used to then I started to get intimidated and I just haven’t in so long. Most of my art is stamping and I did use these cremes mixed with the next collection for my art. Each polish will be $10.50 or buy all 4 polishes for $40. The Boho Vibes Collection will be available on Friday February 24th at 6pm EST. Set your alarms because these are polishes you absolutely need! I hope the rest of your week flies by! Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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