Captain Beard Takeover

*This product was gifted

Good day all you caffeine-nites…or is it cuticlers? Either way, all you fans of Caffeinated Cuticles expecting to be seeing a post about nails and/or nail products, you’ve been deceived. I, Captain Beard, have commandeered this blog. There have been enough blogs about nails stuff, so I’ve decided that it’s time we pay attention to something a little different. Namely, BEARD CARE! That’s right. Captain Beard is here to tell you that entirely too many people have been neglecting their beard hair. This has led to an increasing number of men shaving their beards because they just can’t handle them. Well its time we all work together to fix this travesty, and I have just the thing to combat this threat. Leo & Co Beard and Hair Care Premium Beard Oil. Now I’ll admit, I’m the first person to be skeptical about putting products in my beard. Afterall, Captain Beard doesn’t mess with the beard! After some intelligent pushing from Mrs. Caffeinated Cuticles, I finally decided I would give this product a try after my work mask was causing my beard to be increasingly itchy. Eight hours with a mask covering my beard definitely was causing some frustration and I must say, even Captain Beard was thinking it may be time to retire. This product changed all that! Not only is my beard not itchy at all anymore, but its never been softer or shinier! My beard hair no longer feels like bristles on a wire brush. What’s even better, the fragrance, Blue Spruce Farms for me, was subtle enough to not overpower, but powerful enough to give my work mask a pleasant Christmas Tree like scent. It truly is a great product, and something that all bearded men will be thankful for using. We must all work together to keep beards on our bearded brothers! Use this product, and we shall usher in a new era of soft, shiny and non-itchy beards! Now I better give this back to Mrs. Cuticles before she tries painting my nails! Captain Beard out!

Leo & Co: Beard Oil: Cuticle Oil:

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