Glisten & Glow ~ November 2022 PPU

*These products were provided for review

Hi!!! Today I have for you Glisten & Glow‘s offering for Novembers PPU, Tis The Season. Let’s get right to it because I’m excited for this one!

Magical Winter is a dusty medium purple crelly polish loaded with rose gold and silver metallic flakes. O. M. G. How fabulous is this polish??!! This purple is my ultimate purple shade. It is PERFECT! Formula is super smooth even though it is just jam packed with flakies. It will need a coat of Glitter grabber before your top coat. I used 2 amazing coats for my swatches.

Also coming to PPU is Glisten & Glow‘s Cuticle Remover & Cuticle Oil Duo.

The Cuticle Remover is scented in Winter Cheer. Orange, cinnamon leaf, clove, cranberry, and baked vanilla. Such a perfect holiday scent. Warm and spicy with the tiniest bit of sweetness. So good.

Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Remover softens and removes excess cuticle as well as eponychium skin and comes in an easy to use twist-up pen style applicator.

Directions: Apply generously to the cuticle area and let sit for 60 seconds. Next, gently push back with your favorite tool. Finally, wash hands and cuticles thoroughly with soap and water.

Cuticle Remover Ingredients: distilled water, potassium hydroxide, coconut oil, and fragrance.

The Cuticle Oil is scented in Sugar Plum. Mild spicy, lightly sugary fruity scent of the popular candied fruit sugar plums for the holiday season.

Benefits of Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Oil pens:

  • Hydrates cuticles, nail plate, eponychium, hyponychium, and proximal nail fold.
  • Soften and protect all of the above areas.
  • Stimulates nail growth
  • Improves texture of all areas listed above
  • Increases nail flexibility, preventing breakage.
  • Daily nail care maintenance.

Glisten & Glows Cuticle Oil pens are a custom blend of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argon oil, castor oil, acai berry extract, tea tree oil, and fragrance oil.

Ok! Did you get all that? Let me throw a little more info your way. PPU opens November 4th-7th. Magical Winter will be $13 with no cap. The Cuticle Remover & Oil Duo is $12.50 with no cap. What will you be grabbing this month from PPU? Let me know in the comments! Have a great rest of your weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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