Baby Girl Lacquer ~ November 22 TBVC

*This polish was provided for review

Hey y’all! Today I have for you a holo beauty! Inspired by the one and only Donna Summer! Let’s check it out!

Disco Queen Donna is a slightly blackened holo polish with fine reflective glitters, assorted UCC flakes, and a huge assortment of holo glitters. If you know anything about the 1970s, you know about disco. If you know anything about disco, the late, great Donna Summer will eventually be mentioned. Disco Queen Donna is a beautiful sparkling polish that is reminiscent of the iconic disco era and the opulence that was Donna. This polish definitely reminds me of the dresses worn in the disco era! Super flashy! I really enjoy the mix of glitters in a holo base. I really like the big red circle glitters but I had to fish to get one out. This polish has reflective glitters but I think they were a little lost in the holo. Formula was great! My swatches show 3 thin coats with glossy and matte top coats.

Make sure to follow my IG HERE to see this polish in motion! Overall, I am really happy with this polish. I am loving all the tiny glitters so much lol. The Black Village Collab will be open for preorder November 1st-7th. Disco Queen Donna will be $13 per bottle with a cap of 50 bottles. Links will be below for your shopping pleasure 🙂 Do Not Miss Out! I hope You all have a fabulous weekend! Happy Halloween!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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