Jessica Cosmetics ~ U Got The Look

*These polishes were provided for review

Hey! How are we all doing? I’m still grieving the loss of my vacation so there’s that lol! Take me back. I will say I am loving the weather all of a sudden. It’s been nice and sunny so I have windows open. I love this time of year so much more this year than ever before. I have been constantly polishing. Like 2 times daily lately and I keep grabbing for the U Got The Look collection from Jessica Cosmetics. Specifically the purples. Let’s check them out.

Paisley Pink is a medium pink creme polish. The Phenom line is very pigmented. These could be one coaters for shorter nails or if you polish thicker. The formula is fantastic. I used the Phenom base coat and the Phenom Finale Shine top coat for all of my swatches and art. This swatch is 2 coats.

Violet Cream is a medium violet creme polish. This one is my favorite. I. Can’t. Stop. Using. This! It’s such a bold shade. Formula is butter. This polish stamps as well as the other two. Just wonderful quality. I used 2 coats with Phenom base coat and Phenom Finale Shine top coat for my swatches.

Purple Reign is a deep violet creme polish. This shade totally compliments the other purple. Such a creamy formula. These are all self leveling. Again, the quality is just top notch. When you’re considering a creme polish, you can’t go wrong with this Phenom line. I used 2 coats plus Phenom base coat and Phenom Finale Shine top coat.

Overall, these are fantabulous. Pigmented, smooth as butter, self leveling, and great for art! The top and base coat are just the cherry on top to be honest. The top coat is great for shine and for not smudging nail art. The base coat leaves an amazing shine with just 1 swipe. The tops also come off to reveal a smaller brush top. Much easier for small hands while polishing. Each polish in this collection as well as the top coat is $11.20. The base coat is $10.78. Everything here is available now so don’t wait to grab these multi use polishes. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by ❤

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