Death Valley Nails ~ Cruella De Tejas

*I bought this

Who here doesn’t love a good thermal? They are my favorite. Today I have for you my vacation polish! This is the polish I’ll be wearing to St. Croix. I’ll add a coat of fairy dust and I’ll be good to go! Let’s check it out.

Cruella De Tejas is described as a thermal polish with purple, red, and pink shifting micro chrome specks. This is a tri thermal that is maroon when cold, red when warm, and pink when hot. This is a very reactive thermal that changes pretty easy. I obviously love it! I’ll be wearing it for 7 days hopefully. That’s just unheard of for me so let’s hope it lasts. Anyways, I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.

This polish is available now for $14. I highly recommend this brand. The formula was impeccable. This will be my last blog post for at least a week and a half so stick around! I have more coming as soon as I get back from vacation! Have a great night y’all. Thanks for stopping by ❤

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