Glisten & Glow ~ July rewind PPU-IPU 2021

*Truly Outrageous 2.0 & Glitter Grabber were provided for review. Pink In The City was purchased by me.

Hey! How are we all doing? How was your weekend? Mine was uneventful. Boring to the max actually lol. Coming up this weekend is Polish Pickup! Are we ready? Are our wallets ready? Let’s check out what Jill from Glisten & Glow has to offer!

Truly Outrageous 2.0 is a blurple crelly polish with different shapes and sizes of pink glitters and pink holo glitters. This 2.0 version is slightly more purple than the original polish. I actually like this base color a little more and I feel that the formula was even a little better. All around just a super smooth formula. I used 3 thin coats but you could probably get away with just 2 regular coats. “Truly Outrageous is inspired by the popular 80’s tv series – Jem and The Holograms! Funny Story, when Jill was in kindergarten she LOVED Jem, since Jem was her favorite she decided that she would rename herself Jem. So on all her papers and school work she wrote her name as Jem. The teachers called her Jem even. When her parents went to the first parent teacher conferences, the teacher said Oh your daughter Jem is just a delight. They said Our daughter name is Jill and everyone had a huge laugh!”

Pink In The City is a neon pink jelly polish jam packed with color shifting iridescent flakies that shift between dark blue and purple. This one is so electric in person! You all need this one in your life! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. Inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker’s hot pink, ’80s-inspired Zac Posen gown worn at the New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala in 2019. She also paired the look with two mismatched heels from her own fashion line. This was a nod to her Sex in the City character Carrie Bradshaw, who adopted the quirky styling trick on the show.

Glitter Grabber is an amazing product that gets applied after any glitter or flakie dense manicure is done and it’s fully dry and before your top coat. It aids in creating a smoother surface for your top coat or matte top coat all while “grabbing” that extra texture! Directions: After you have applied your glitter or flakie polish and have fully let it dry, you add a nice layer of Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber on top. It is a shiny formula upon application and will add that extra layer of protection and smoothing action to that texture. Allow to fully dry and then add your glossy or matte top coat! It works at grabbing that extra texture that glitter or flakies can have! In order the pics are as follows: No glitter Grabber, 1 coat Glitter Grabber, 1 coat Glitter Grabber & 1 coat top coat.

So, for July, there are polishes available at Polish Pickup and some are available in the makers shop. PPU shop will be open from July 2nd – July 5th.

  • Truly Outrageous 2.0 – $12.50 PPU shop – no cap
  • Glitter Grabber – $8.00PPU shop – no cap
  • Pink In The City – $12.50G&G shop – no cap

I hope that makes it clear enough! Luckily there are no caps on anything here so you will all get what you want!! Let me know below what you’ll be grabbing! Have a great day y’all! Thank for stopping by ❤

  • Glisten & Glow: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:
  • Polish Pickup: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:
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