Glisten & Glow ~ Spring ’21 Cuticle Oils

*These oils were provided for review.

Hey y’all! Today I bring you a quick post. Glisten & Glow’s Spring ’21 Cuticle Oils are just perfect to go along with the Virtual Spring Break Collection (reviewed HERE). Each scent is just amazing. Let’s check them out!

Lemon Chiffon is a tart and zesty lemon scent with a twist of creamy vanilla lemon pie. I could not have described this any better. That is the exact smell you can expect. Lemon meringue to the max!! This is my favorite of all 6!

Pomegranate Punch is a fresh and light scent of sweet tart and pomegranate. I have never smelled a real pomegranate but with this scent I even feel like I can smell the skin of the fruit. Just fantastic.

Waterfall Mist is the end of a rain shower beneath a waterfall, and the air is left with a clean aquatic aroma. Ya, that made me deep inhale too lol. Sounds amazing and smells just as relaxing. I can almost feel the mist around me as I sniff.

Summer Lovin’ is summer fantasies mixed with sweet tropical flowers. Very tropical. There are scents of fruit in the background as well. This will be perfect when you lounging in the sun or at the beach! So yummy!

Cherry Delight is a sweet cherry scent with a touch of cinnamon. I feel like I just opened a can of maraschino cherries and I’m about to make a sundae. This cherry scent is spot on cherry. I don’t so much smell the cinnamon but it is there in a warmth sensation. It’s really neat! Just a warm cherry deliciousness.

Orange Dreamcicle has bright notes of orange with a citrus twist blended with vanilla and coconut. To me this smells like an Orange Julius. Am I aging myself here?! An Orange Julius was pretty much an orange creamcicle that was a drink instead of an ice cream. It was a fresher orange scent and taste though and that is what I smell here. Fresh sliced orange with some fresh whipped cream. So. Freaking. Delicious!!

Well that’s the collection! How do you feel about them. I love them all. I keep all of them next to me and I randomly pick which one to use each time. Always a welcome surprise. Each cuticle oil pen will be $6.99 and they will be releasing on March 26th at 7pm EST. Which scent will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day ❤

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