Color Street Nail Strips

 *These strips were free samples.

Hi guys! Today I have a different type of post. I did a wear test on some Color Street samples I was sent. Just for funsies. These are not the best pics since this was all done on my right hand. The first color I was sent was called Moon River. A dusty deep blue with silver glitters. I loved the color so much. I had never used strips like this before. They adhere so well. They even stretch a little to fit YOUR nail shape perfectly. Here are some progress pics. 

June 21st

July 1st. Look how amazing these still look after 9 days!!

July 3rd

July 3rd. I took them off 2 days early because I was starting to pick them off 😳

The second sample I was sent I recorded how to apply them. That will be on my YouTube. These lasted the entire 2 weeks and I beat them up really good. I changed diapers, did dishes, swatched about 15 polishes, plus the normal wear and tear. This color was called Tokyo Lights. A gold and fuchsia glitter bomb. I loved it so much. 

July 16th

July 16th. This was my fault. I have a sharp curve in my nail and I didn’t adhere it as well as I should have. I also nicked the side 🙄 

July 22nd

July 30th

July 16th 

This was after removal. You remove it just like regular polish! Pic to show that there is no leftover damage!! I got these both from my friend Patricia so I will leave her shop link below! Each set comes with a small file, nail prep pad, and the nail strips. The pack comes with 16 strips in 8 different sizes. Here are the prices: 

$11: solid colors and clear nail art

$12: glitter

$13: glitter nail art, nail art

$14: french 

All packs are Buy 3 get 1 free except french which are Buy 1 get 1.

I highly recommend these if you don’t want to touch up your nails every few days. This is a super simple, no mess way of having your nails painted. And no dry time! The price is pretty good too. I actually thought they were more expensive so I was schooled. Thank you so much to Patricia for putting up with my forgetful self! I asked her polish names multiple times 😆 Make sure you watch my application video to see how easy these are to put on! Have a fantastic weekend y’all ♥️

2 thoughts on “Color Street Nail Strips”

  1. I LOVE Colorstreet!!! One of the best parts (for me) is that since my nails are usually shorter, I can easily get 2-3 \”manis\” out of one set! And you definitely got 2 of my favorites!!! If you've ever seen Broadway Glimmer it's also BEAUTIFUL! ��

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