Dr.’s Remedy ~ Peace, Love, Sunshine Trio

 *These polishes were provided for review

Hello! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty typical of a stay at home mom with a 6 month old! My son is just a super happy baby so its almost all fun… almost lol. Today I am bringing you the Peace, Love, Sunshine Collection from Dr.’s Remedy. Remember them? I have had them on my blog a few times. In case you don’t, here is some info. Dr.’s Remedy polishes are formulated by doctors. They are vegan and totally safe to use. I won’t weigh this post down so I am going to link their info HERE. Please go visit and see what they have to offer. Oh! One more thing. The polishes are filled with things like: tea tree oil, biotin, wheat protein, and other vitamins! Ok. Moving on.  


Sweet Soleil is a soft buttery yellow creme polish. I expected to have issues with the application but I had none!! Yellows can be picky so I was very happily surprised. The formula of this polish is perfectly creamy while also being very opaque. If you polish on the thicker side you could get away with 1 coat. I used 2 coats for my swatches. 

POLISHED Pale Peach is a gorgeous pale peachy pink. This color leaned nude as well. This is perfect for the end of summer. PPP is also a super work friendly color. Just one of those super simple must haves. Again, this was really opaque. Well, they are all very opaque. I used 2 coats for my swatch. 

TACTFUL Turmeric is the perfect sunset yellow-orange. Ya know the one I mean? The super bold sun? That one! TT really stands out on the nail. It has an extremely nice creme formula. This is screaming summer to me. I used 2 smooth coats for me swatch. 

Overall this collection really comes through for the later part of summer. Not even gonna try and say that I won’t use these all year because I will. They are just completely effortless to apply. The Peace, Love, Sunshine Collection is actually all sold separately so you don’t have to get all three together. You can mix and match with any of their colors. Dr.’s Remedy polishes are $17.25 a piece. Absolutely worth it considering the ingredients and quality. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to see you soon 🙂

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