Moonflower Polish ~ Pop Pastels

*These polishes were provided for review*
*Very picture heavy*
Hey! I’m back guys! I cannot even begin to express how happy I am to get back to nails! Especially with all of these trying times. I mean, can you even believe this? I feel like I live in a book right now. The world is going through such a tough time right now and I am so glad I can be here to give you a little brightness in your lives. Today I have for you the Pop Pastels from Moonflower Polish. Gorgeous pastels with a bright pop! Each mani has 2 coats of polish on my pinky. 1 coat is totally plenty. It is recommended to thin them a little if you are going to just wear them as a polish. I didn’t. These are made specifically to stamp or use in nail art so they will be on the thicker side. Let’s get to them. 
Paloma is a dove gray. “Yes, it’s really pigeon gray…but I haven’t really seen one since moving to Florida and they are all over the place in Puerto Rico so maybe I’m subconsciously missing them? There’s place in Old San Juan called El Parque de las Palomas where there were hundreds of pigeons and you could feed them, visited many times. Smelled awful, but still brings back good memories of simpler times.” I am absolutely loving greys lately. They are so universal and I feel they flatter any skin tone. This cool grey has a fantastic shimmer that just really makes it special! 

Salmón is a “salmon pink, kinda coral. I love fresh salmon sushi.” While I don’t do sushi myself, I absolutely love this color. I am not a huge fan of floral manis and this made me love my cute little flowers! Again, the shimmer makes this polish.

Lavanda is a “soft purple, my daughter loves lavender and soft pastel purples. I’m horribly allergic but I still get her lavender scented things cause I know they help her fall asleep and relax. Middle school is tough.” So is high school. I love/hated both. This reminds me of my son. We use the lavender scented bath stuff to calm him before going to bed. I absolutely love the mixed smell of new baby and lavender!! 

Girasol is a “sunflower orange-yellow. My twin sister loved sunflowers growing up, they always make me think of her.” Sunflower is the perfect description for this yellow. It’s such a deep, warm yellow. Makes me want warm sunny days. I couldn’t capture the shimmer well in this one. It’s there and it’s beautiful. 

Menta is a “minty green, just a great refreshing spring green.” Another good description. This green is the perfect amount of minty while being the perfect amount of springy at the same time. The shimmer, for some odd reason, makes me think of jelly beans.

Agua is a “Caribbean sea blue, a shimmery turquoise, like the waters that I love and miss of my home island.” I have never been further south than Orlando, Florida so this color makes me crave a Caribbean vacation so bad. I just want the waters that you can see through with all the beautiful sea life passing by.

Cielo is a “the color of the sky on a bright sunny day. Florida gets these really nice cloudless days where the sky is exactly this color and the temps are cool. I call them “theme park days” cause they’d be perfect for that.” I haven’t been to a park in such a long time. My daughters go weekly of more to Six Flags every summer (season passes). Either way I am a super sucker for a blue polish. My favorite type of polish is a shimmer crème so you can imagine how much I love this one.

Café is a “light brown, it’s the color of a proper cup of coffee in my opinion. Just a hint of milk and sugar, can’t start my day without it.” I use flavored creamer instead of milk and sugar but the color is pretty accurate for a great cup of coffee. I like mine a touch lighter but not much. The shimmer in this brown makes it different from any other brown I own. It’s a very sensual type color.

The Pop Pastels are available now in Nadia’s shop! These will only be available in full size bottle as the mini bottles come from Italy and that’s obviously not happening at the moment. Each bottle will be $9 and the full set of 8 polishes will be $65. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipment. This is the normal TAT but just keep in mind what we are all going through at the moment. Moonflower Polish is always my favorite brand to stamp with. The quality is fantastic and the customer service is amazing. Links below for what I used for these manis. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in these particularly trying times! Have a great night!!
  • All Polishes: Glisten & Glow Top, Base, Matte coats; SinfulColors Black On Black; Bundle Monster (Maniology) Stamper; Makeup Sponge for gradient.
  • Paloma: Salmón, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W402.
  • Salmón: Paloma, Lavanda, Winstonia Plate W110.
  • Lavanda: Paloma, Salmón, Winstonia Plate W403.
  • Girasol: Menta, Agua, Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-009.
  • Menta: Girasol, Agua, Winstonia Plate W415.
  • Agua: Girasol, Menta, Born Pretty Store Plate BPL-025.
  • Cielo: Café, Winstonia Plate W101.
  • Café: Cielo, Pueen Cosmetics Plate Pueen09.

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