Don Deeva

*Provided for review

Heeeeeyyyyyyy! Very long time no talk. Long story short, I have had the pregnancy from hell. Severe morning sickness all through the first 6 months and now gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I have really missed doing my nails. Today I have a few polishes to show you from Don Deeva! I’m so excited to show you these. Let’s check them out 😊
Drizella Grid
Let’s start with Drizella. “Where are my prugly polish lovers at? This unique yellow green jelly polish is a stunner. Heavily loaded with original unicorn pigment and her sister UP. If you love OGUP you will need this in your life! You may just step over a sister to snag this wicked lady.” So perfectly said! This polish reminds me of apples. It shifts from green to red to gold like woah. I don’t think I captured the full beauty. I left this on for over a week and stared at it every day. Check the macro for the best color shift! I used 3 thin fabulous coats for my swatches. This polish will be $17.


Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella macro

Drizella matte

Drizella matte macro

Drizella with unicorn stamping of course!
Viral Outlaw Grid
Next up is Viral Outlaw. “This gorgeous multichrome polish is blown out with holo. A deep purple to denim blue base with shifts of silver and teal to rosey purple. So rich in pigment all you need is 1-2 coats and you’re done!” My go to polish is always purple or blue so you can imagine just how much I love this one. Definitely a 1 coater with an incredible formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches because its just what I do. This polish will be $13.

Viral Outlaw

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw macro

Viral Outlaw macro
Viral Outlaw with flash

Viral Outlaw matte

Viral Outlaw matte macro

Viral Outlaw with stamping
Slashdance Grid
Slashdance is an “(American Horror story exclusive) A grey base with multi color UCC flakes, hot pink glitter hex and holo. (Week 2)”. Y’all!!!! This one is fan freaking tastic ❤ It shifts in soooo many ways. You will see it best in the bottle shots. I used 3 coats for my swatches but if you polish on the thicker side 2 should work just fine. This polish will be $13.


Slashdance macro


Slashdance macro
Slashdance with flash

Slashdance matte

Slashdance matte macro

Slashdance with 80’s style gradient stamping
Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle

Slashdance bottle
When 2 Bechrome 1 Grid
Lastly, we have When 2 Bechrome 1. “A highly pigmented multichrome polish  with heavy holo. This purple base with deep blue has shifts of gold and red.” This one is oh so good. In between the gold and red shifts there are peach and pink shifts. So gorgeous with the purple base. I could wear this one forever. This one is a solid 1 coater. Guess what? I used 2 coats! I know… shocking lol. This polish will be $13.

When 2 Bechrome 1

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with flash

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte

When 2 Bechrome 1 matte macro

When 2 Bechrome 1 with Halloween stamping. Late I know 😔
These are my first Don Deevas and I am thoroughly impressed. The formulas were all phenomenal! I have only heard/read great things so my expectations were high. Totally surpassed my mark. These polishes are all available right now so go grab them all!! I will have all the links below for everything I used. Have a great weekend. Stay tuned because I have so much more to share with you! 

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