Wildflower Lacquer ~ June Birth Flower

*Provided for review
Hello! Sorry for my lack of posting. I think I have hit a blogger burn out. It feels like such an unwanted chore lately. It may be time for me to take a break. I don’t mind the swatching and picture taking. I guess we shall see. For now I am here bringing you this totally gorgeous red polish. Let’s check it out. 
Kiss From A Rose is a dark red base (will stain please wear a base coat) with crystal rainbow flakies, and subtle violet to gold shifting shimmer. Holy mother of reds. This is that super sexy empowering type red. Very deep with a nice sparkle. Like it says, this will stain! I suggest doubling up your base coat!! The formula of this polish is fantastic. Totally a 1 coater. I like this one matte a lot. I also checked to see if it stamps and it does!! Of course my swatch shows 2 coats.

Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose with flash

Kiss From A Rose macro

Kiss From A Rose matte

Kiss From A Rose matte macro

Kiss From A Rose with art

Kiss From A Rose with matte art

Kiss From A Rose stamped
As with all of the monthly birth flower polishes, Kiss From A Rose will be $8.50 for the month of June. After that it will still be available but it will be $10. This polish will be available tomorrow, June 1st. If you like red polish this one is definitely for you! Happy Birthday June babies!!!

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