Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection Part 2

*Provided for review
Here we are again! This time I’m bringing you part 2 of the Summer Livin’ Collection. 1 crème and 3 neon glitter crellies! Let’s get to it.
Mini Golf & Margaritas is a neon blue polish. This polish is the best blue I own 💙 I also have this on my toes. Absolutely the perfect crème formula. 2 easy peasy coats. Could have been 1! 

Mini Golf & Margaritas

Mini Golf & Margaritas with flash

Mini Golf & Margaritas macro

Mini Golf & Margaritas matte

Mini Golf & Margaritas matte macro

Mini Golf & Margaritas with more awful nail art lol

Bikinis & Boogie Boards is lighter neon blue glitter crelly with all neon glitters in various sizes and shades of  orange, green, yellow, and blue. How unique is this?! This reminds me of an orange or a peach tree on a clear summer day. This polish literally made my mouth water at first. The formula is a little on the thick side. Nothing a few drops of thinner won’t fix if you want it thinner. 2 coats for my swatches

Bikinis & Boogie Boards

Bikinis & Boogie Boards with flash

Bikinis & Boogie Boards macro

Bikinis & Boogie Boards matte

Bikinis & Boogie Boards matte macro

Bikinis & Boogie Boards with art

Cotton Candy & Convertibles is a lighter neon pink glitter crelly loaded with all neon glitters in various sizes and shades of pink and purple. If you love neon and you are also a girly-girl, you need to own this. It is so sweet I just wanna eat it. It reminds me of a cotton candy frosting . So good! I used 2 coats for my swatches.
Cotton Candy & Convertibles 

Cotton Candy & Convertibles with flash

Cotton Candy & Convertibles macro

Cotton Candy & Convertibles matte

Cotton Candy & Convertibles matte macro

Cotton Candy & Convertibles with art

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping is a white based glitter crelly loaded with all neon glitters in various sizes and various shades of pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow. This one is funfetti for sure. Super bright and fun. I love love love this one. Way more than I thought I would actually. This will be on my toes next! Formula was good but a tad sheer. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.  

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping with flash

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping macro

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping matte

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping matte macro

Snow Cones & Skinny Dipping with art

The Summer Livin’ Collection has 2 parts. These 5 polishes make up part 1. These will be released on May 11th at 7pm EST. Each polish will be $8.50. This 5 piece set will be available together for $40 and you can purchase the entire 9 piece Summer Livin’ Collection for $70.  I know I always do, but I suggest getting them all. They are super versatile and work so well together. Links below for your shopping pleasure!

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