Glisten & Glow ~ Summer Livin’ Collection: Part 1

*Provided for review

Hi! I am so ready for all the neon summer has to offer. This Summer Livin’ Collection has everything you need to get you through a fabulously bright summer! Too commercially? I mean it though lol. For this post we will be looking at part 1 of the SLC. Diving right in!
Watermelon & Waterslides is a neon pink polish. This one leans more jelly/crelly. Tad bit sheer. Formula is fantastic though. This one is so freaking juicy!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.

Watermelon & Waterslides

Watermelon & Waterslides with flash

Watermelon & Waterslides macro

Watermelon & Waterslides matte

Watermelon & Waterslides matte macro

Watermelon & Waterslides with art

Slushies & Suntans is a neon orange polish. This one is crème/crelly formula. Wicked smooth and eye searingly bright. This is brighter than a brand new clean traffic cone. And those are effing bright lol. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.
Slushies & Suntans

Slushies & Suntans with flash

Slushies & Suntans macro

Slushies & Suntans matte

Slushies & Suntans matte macro

Slushies & Suntans with art

BBQ & Ball Games is a neon yellow polish. I would put most of these colors between a crème and a crelly. Great formula! I have come to realize that, because of my bright white fee edges, I usually need an extra coat of polish that is unneeded for most. That being said I used 3 thin coats for this one. Only because of the VNL. Formula is smooth as hell for a neon yellow. No chalkiness whatsoever. They also dry naturally to a semi-gloss not matte! Super good polish.
BBQ & Ball Games

BBQ & Ball Games with flash

BBQ & Ball Games macro

BBQ & Ball Games matte

BBQ & Ball Games matte macro

BBQ & Ball Games with art

 Road Trips & Roller Coasters is a neon green polish. When I think neon green, this is the exact color that comes to mind. This is like 80’s neon green. I love it so much. Again, its a really nice smooth formula. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches.
Road Trips & Roller Coasters

Road Trips & Roller Coasters with flash

Road Trips & Roller Coasters macro

Road Trips & Roller Coasters matte

Road Trips & Roller Coasters matte macro

Road Trips & Roller Coasters with horrible nail art lol

Flip Flops & Fireworks in a neon purple polish. This one is definitely a crème. Super opaque and applies like butter. I have this on my toes right now!  2 coats for my swatches.
Flip Flops & Fireworks

Flip Flops & Fireworks with flash

Flip Flops & Fireworks macro

Flip Flops & Fireworks matte

Flip Flops & Fireworks matte macro

Flip Flops & Fireworks with art

The Summer Livin’ Collection has 2 parts. These 5 polishes make up part 1. These will be released on May 11th at 7pm EST. Each polish will be $8.50. This 5 piece set will be available together for $40 and you can purchase the entire 9 piece Summer Livin’ Collection for $70.  I know I always do, but I suggest getting them all. They are super versatile and work so well together. Links below for your shopping pleasure!

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