Moonflower Polish ~ May ’19 PPU

*Provided for review
It’s almost that time again! PPU is back with one of my favorite themes!! The 80’s!! I was born in the 80’s so I have been reminiscing for weeks. This may sound corny, but I’m sure other 80’s babies will understand; It was a simpler time. I appreciate the childhood I had. The things that molded me into who I am today! Times like this I wish I worked so I could buy these pretties. I shall live vicariously through you all so please buy up everything this month! I need it lol! One polish I do have is from Moonflower Lacquer. This polish is based on Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne and his 1987 Fiesta en America music video. Let’s have a look.
Fiesta en America is a denim blue creme stamping polish with scattered holo, red-gold micro flakes and green-blue micro flakes. This one is dynamic and so freaking awesome. Denim is a spot on description of the blue color. The flakes are such a great addition. It looks peppered ya know? Really spectacular polish. I used2 smooth coats for my swatches.

Fiesta en America  

Fiesta en America with flash

Fiesta en America macro

Fiesta en America matte

Fiesta en America matte macro

Fiesta en America stamped

Fiesta en America stamped macro

Fiesta en America stamped macro
What are your must haves this month? Is this one of them? If it wasn’t, I hope it is now 😁 You can never go wrong with a Moonflower stamping polish ❤ Polish Pickup will be open May 3rd – May 6th so mark your calendars! Fiesta en America will be $12.50 with a cap of 75 bottles so get your ninja fingers prepped. Links below! Have a great day 💕

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