Glisten & Glow ~ Babes & Blossoms Cremes

*Provided for review
 Hello! I have such cute polishes to show you today!! Glisten & Glow has released the Babes & Blossoms collection made of 4 cremes and 4 crellies. This post will be all about the cremes. lets get to it!
Ponies & Poppies is a light pastel purple crème polish. Remember the big deal over muted neons? This is the pastel version. It’s a lighter version of pastel. All the cremes are. Definitely unique! The formula is good! These could all be 1 coat cremes if you’re careful. I of course used 1 more coat than necessary 😑 My swatches show 2 coats.
Ponies & Poppies

Ponies & Poppies with flash

Ponies & Poppies macro

Ponies & Poppies matte

Ponies & Poppies matte macro

Ponies & Poppies with saran wrap art
Bunnies & Buttercups is a light pastel yellow crème polish. I am a sucker for a good pastel yellow. This is for sure the best I own. My other fave is a Sally Hansen I have been very frugal with for 5 years now lol. Formula is great and could be a 1 coater. Amazing for pastel cremes!! I used 2 coats for my swatches of course.
Bunnies & Buttercups

Bunnies & Buttercups with flash

Bunnies & Buttercups macro

Bunnies & Buttercups matte

Bunnies & Buttercups matte macro

Bunnies & Buttercups with art
Calves & Carnations is a light pastel peach crème. This is another color that is a must have for me. I really don’t like plain white nails on myself and this gives me that perfect tint. Absolutely fabulous formula. I used 2 coats for my swatches.  

Calves & Carnations

Calves & Carnations with flash

Calves & Carnations macro

Calves & Carnations matte

Calves & Carnations matte macro

Calves & Carnations with art
Goslings & Gardenias is a light pastel grass green crème polish. I just realized how much I need this collection lol. These are all color staples for me. all colors I would totally grab in person! My husband always picks on me about needing a separate Helmer just for my pastel/minty greens 😂 I really just cant help myself. I used 2 coats for this one. This one had the best formula of all in my opinion. Freaking fabulous.

Goslings & Gardenias

Goslings & Gardenias with flash

Goslings & Gardenias macro

Goslings & Gardenias matte

Goslings & Gardenias matte macro

Goslings & Gardenias with art
These are available now so don’t wait! Go grab them . Each of these cremes will be $8.50. You can also purchase the whole Babes & Blossoms collection that includes the 4 coordinating crellies (next post) for $60.  It’s Jill making these polishes so you already know you won’t be disappointed! Links below for your shopping pleasure. Don’t forget to read the next post for the crellies!! 

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