Wildflower Lacquer ~ April Birth Flower

*Provided for review
I tried so hard to write up this post last night. I ended up falling asleep šŸ˜‘ This cold has just really kicked my butt. I am here now though, so let’s check out the next polish in Wildflower Lacquer‘s Birth Flower series.
Dainty Daisies is a light lavender base with purple and gold sparks, UCC flakies that shift from purple to gold and scattered holo glitters. So far, this one is my favorite. This is the type of polish that I could wear with just 1 coat. To be clear it would not be opaque. Its just so very pretty and soft and girly with just one coat. It gives the softest purple tint with tons of sparkle. If you prefer it opaque, 3 coats will get you there. Super smooth formula. All the “pieces” in the polish are on the small side so it will lay nice and flat. I love that it’s all small bits. I like my polish to be busy, not chunky. Does that make sense lol?!?! 3 coats with glossy and matte top coats for my pics.

Dainty Daisies
Dainty Daisies with flash

Dainty Daisies macro

Dainty Daisies matte

Dainty Daisies matte macro

Dainty Daisies with art
Isn’t it beautiful? I think I would add this to my “deserted island” list of necessities. As with all of the monthly birth flower polishes, this will be available for the month of April for the discounted price of $8.50. After April it will still be available, it will just be $10. All the more reason for you to grab it as soon as you can. Everyone loves a discount! Links will be below so shop away! Taylor also does wax and stuffs ā¤ Have a good night!

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