Wildflower Lacquer ~ Fe(a)bruary Birth Flower

*Provided for review

Monday… I will do my best to perk it up for you! Taylor from Wildflower Lacquer is continuing her monthly birth flower series with February’s birth flower, violets. Let’s have a look 😊

Violets Blossoming is a deep violet holo jelly with holo flakes, and UCC flakes that shift blue/purple/red/gold. This jelly formula applies like butter. So smooth and even. The flakies are absolutely perfect in this base!! I used 3 coats for my swatches. Pricing info will be below.

Violets Blossoming

Violets Blossoming with flash

Violets Blossoming macro
Violets Blossoming matte

Violets Blossoming matte macro

Violets Blossoming with art
Isn’t she so royal? Love me a good purple πŸ’œ Violets Blossoming will be available on February 1st for $8.50 USD. It will stay this price for the entire month, then it will go up to $10 USD. Make sure you are grabbing these early to get that discount!! Links below for your shopping pleasure! Have a great night πŸ‘‹

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