Sassy Cats Lacquer ~ Feb. ’19 PPU + IPU

*Provided for review

Hello! It’s Friday 😊 That means there is only 1 week left until Polish Pickup goes live!! I hope you are getting excited. There are so many good things this month. The theme famous duos has produced such amazing creativity. Today we are looking at a duo from Sassy Cats Lacquer, based on Lilo & Stitch! Let’s check it out.

Lilo & Stitch duo
Stitch Steals A Ride! is a “bubblegum pink polish filled with blue, pink, purple glowing shifting chroma flakes with gold shimmer.” Another polish filled with amazing flakies! I know you’re going broke this month! My favorite thing about this polish is actually the shimmer. It gives the polish this subtle warmness. It’s just breathtaking. The formula is a little sheer so layering over a similar color is totally possible. It polishes nicely though so layering it over itself won’t get too thick. I prefer it over itself, of course, because it adds to the amount of flakes you can see ❀ I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. Stitch Steals A Ride! will be $12 USD.

Stitch Steals A Ride!

Stitch Steals A Ride! with flash

Stitch Steals A Ride! macro
Stitch Steals A Ride! matte

Stitch Steals A Ride! matte macro
Next is Aloha Lilo. This one is a Hawaiian punch scented quick dry top coat”. I used Aloha Lilo over my nail art and I am happy to report there was no smudging! It dries quick and smells like my childhood lol.Β 
Aloha Lilo will be $7 USD.

Aloha Lilo top coat used over nail art

Are you putting these on your list? There will be 75 bottles of Stitch Steals A Ride! available and 40 bottles of Aloha Lilo available. Have your wish list ready for faster check out! Have a good Friday y’all ❀

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