Moonflower Polish ~ PPU Feb. ’19

*Provided for review

Hey! Who here had Barbies when they were little? I was never super into all the stuff she came with like the horse and the car. I just really liked to dress them and do their hair. How about Ken? I had the one with the roller blades that actually sparked! Ugh, the memories 💗 Was there ever really a more iconic duo? Moonflower Polish is bring you half of this duo with a Barbie neon pink polish. It is freaking fabulous and I have a bunch of pictures of it so get comfy!!

Ken, I Pink I Love Youis a super bright neon pink creme with indigo-blue aurora pigment and blue microflakes”. My camera and my phone both gave me trouble taking pics of this polish. That has never happened to me! This polish is really just that neon. I love the shimmer it has. The shimmer and flakies show up SO GOOD when stamped over black. And, the polish stays that super neon pink when stamped. It is a neon lovers dream. Also a pink lovers dream.  The formula is great. 2 easy coats with glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. I kept the art as Barbie-ish as possible! Ken, I Pink I Love You will be $12.50 USD. Sorry in advance for my funky looking skin!

with flash



with art

stamped over black and white

stamped over white macro

stamped over black macro

stamped macro
stamped over white and black matte

stamped over white matte macro

stamped over black matte macro

stamped matte macro
Fabulous right?! I especially love it over black and matte. That blue spark is just amazing 😍 Polish Pickup will be open February 1st – February 4th! There will only be 75 bottles of Ken, I Pink I Love You so don’t wait! This will for sure sell out and you will for sure be upset if you don’t get one! It really is that good! All the links will be below. Set your alarms!!! Have a good night 💗

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