Sassy Cats Lacquer ~ Jan. ’18 PPU

*Provided for review

Hi! Less than 10 days until 2019 😳 I hope all of your holiday shopping is done. Or at the very least, close! I am 1 present short at the moment. Fingers crossed! Hopefully I will be getting some gift cards so I can buy some PPU pretties this January! There are gonna be some good ones. Sassy Cats Lacquer is bringing you a fantastic magnetic polish, inspired by Poseidon, for Januarys theme of Mythology. Let’s have a look 😊

God Of The Sea! is a slate blue base with a bright blue magnetic shift, pink and yellow chroma illusion flakes, copper to green UCC flakies, and gold shimmer. At some angles the blue magnetic shift turns purple. And just look at the label!! So freaking adorable! This polish was a tad thick. Not at all unmanageable though. It is totally opaque in 2 coats. Especially when the second coat is thicker so the magnetic effect works best. Of course, my OCD got the best of me and I used 2 thin coats then a thick 3rd coat. I will link a blog post below with amazing tips for using magnetic polishes. So 2 thin coats and a 3rd thick coat plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches. God Of The Sea! will be $13 USD. There will be a cap of 100 bottles.
with flash


matte macro
with art
Along with the PPU polish, Sassy Cats is also offering a top coat for IPU. It’s the sister group for all things non polish in the months categories. Sweet Sirens top coat is glossy and dries pretty quick! It also dries with a fresh picked strawberry scent ❤ I feel like if I could add a scent to my life it would be strawberry. I love it so so very much 🍓 Let’s check it out over a red crème and some art! Sweet Sirens top coat will be $7 USD. There will be a cap of 40 bottles.

I couldn’t help myself with the strawberry art! I did this free hand and I am super proud lol! The top coat did great at sealing in my art without smudging it. Definitely worth the price! PPU and IPU will both be open January 4th – 7th. Keep whatever money you get from Christmas and splurge on yourself with the beautiful things that will be available! Links below ❤ 

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