LevelUP Lacquer ~ PPU Nov. ’18

*Provided for review


Hello! It’s Monday :/  I have just the thing to make you feel better about that though! This Friday, PPU Bad Ass Women opens! Ashley from LevelUP Lacquer has brought THE cutest back story to her choice of inspiration ❤ It is her Gram!! Ready for the story? “Keys to the Fridge is inspired by my Grandmother. She was the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. She taught me about aliens, astrology, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation and love. She returned to cosmic dust 4 years ago and I miss her each day. When we were little she made us ask for “keys to the fridge” so we could get something to eat or drink. There was no real key, she would produce an invisible key, sometimes from her pocket or purse, and press it into our open palms. As I grew older I still asked for the keys. But more to see her smile and feel the warmth and love as she laughed and pressed the key into my hand.” Omg are you tearing up? I totally did! Let’s have a look at Keys To The Fridge


Keys To The Fridge, a “blue leaning purple crelly base is inspired by her whimsical flowing skirts, the copper and turquoise glitter is inspired by her jewelry.” I love the mix of colors in this polish. The copper glitters look more orange to me but that’s totally fine. The formula is even better, very even and smooth. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches plus glossy and matte top coats. *My pics did not capture the slight purple-ness of this polish! Please watch my Instagram swatch for true color!!!


with flash
matte macro
with art

Polish Pickup will be open November 2nd – 5th. Go get your wish lists ready!! Keys To The Fridge will be $10.50 USD and will not have a cap 🙂 Links below! Let me know what’s on your wish list 🙂


LevelUP Lacquer: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram: Twitter:

Polish Pickup: What It Is: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram:

Live Swatch

*Instagram Swatch

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