Glisten & Glow ~ Rainbow Connection 5 Year Anniversary Polishes

*Provided for review


Hey! Are we ready to make this Monday fantastic? I have some Glisten & Glow LE’s to brighten up your day! Just recently, Annette from Rainbow Connection UK, celebrated 5 years in business ❤ Jill from G&G was one of the first brands offered on RCUK so it was only fitting she make some special polishes for the occasion 🙂 Let’s have a look.

Do What You Love is a deep berry holo polish with glowing flashes of purple/blue ucc flakies and a light undertone of pink shimmers. The flakes in this give me life! Seriously so eye-catching. This is a great polish for fall! Formula was wonderful as per usual for Jill’s polishes. I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.


with flash
matte macro
with art
with art matte

Escape To Somewhere Magical is a deep purple holo polish with pink/copper/orange/bronze ucc flakies and a robust copper shimmer. To be completely honest, when I opened the package I thought this one was nice but the other one was amazing. After swatching them I realized they are both amazing but this one is better than amazing! Escape To Somewhere Magical has so many looks due to the always changing flakies. When matte, it looks like it is on fire from within. Perfect formula ❤ I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.


with flash
matte macro
with art
with art matte

Don’t you just love them? I could just stare at these all day. Gimme all the flakies ❤ These polishes will be available on October 7th 2018 at 7pm EST. Each polish will be $11 USD. Don’t forget about Glisten & Glow’s product of the month for October: CTRL – ALT – DEL Latex Barrier! Links are below 🙂 Have a great Monday ❤


Glisten & Glow: Shop: FB Page: FB Group: Instagram: Twitter:

Live YouTube Swatches

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