Quixotic Polish ~ Fall Into Autumn Trio

*Provided for review

Did you see those pictures right there^^? That’s what I have for you today ❤ Quixotic Polish Fall Into Autumn Trio. It’s such a well rounded collection! Holo with mega shimmer, multi chrome, and a flakie PACKED jelly! You are gonna love them and you are going to need them! Lots of pics so lets get to it 🙂

Chartreuse Swizzle is “an ultra bright neon chartreuse with glowing linear holographic effect and subtle red shimmer to give a lit from within feel.” I know this is neon and that is supposed to end with summer but that doesn’t matter at all here. The shimmer makes this polish feel like fall. And for Halloween?!?! Omg it’s good! I used 3 thin smooth wonderful coats for my swatch with glossy and matte top coat. I honestly don’t like it matte. Holos shouldn’t be matte. It’s just been my order of operations lately. It does however look like a nice shimmer when matte if you don’t want it to be holo. But that’s weird…


with flash
matte macro
with art



How Merlot Can You Go is “a creamy merlot base absolutely jam packed with bronze/gold/green flakes and a sweet dash of holographic sparkles.” This is more jelly like to me. The amount of flakies in each coat is just nuts. I actually really like this one matte! I kept the art simple because the flakes are gorgeous and I didn’t want to cover them.  I used 3 thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats.


with flash
matte macro
with art-ish



Keep Your Eye On The Fall is “a sweet burnt orange multichrome that shifts between red, orange, gold and green is packed with linear holo, holographic micro flakes, and holo sparks.” Yep, I love it. Perfect formula and the epitome of fall in a bottle. It also stamps 🙂 Super perfect in 2 perfect coats. Did I say perfect? Because it’s perfect! I used glossy and matte top coats for my swatch.


with flash
awesome macro
matte macro
with art

Now for the info! These polishes will be available as a set for $30 USD. If you buy them separately, they will be $11 USD each. This is a limited edition fall set so they will only be available September 4th – 11th. I know I always say this but seriously, don’t miss them. Let me know what you think of these fall beauties ❤ Links below! Have a wonderful Labor Day 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Quixotic Polish ~ Fall Into Autumn Trio”

  1. Love your swatches. These colors are awesome. I like the outside the box approach to the neon green for Fall. I wear neons year round…very unconventional but lovin it. Thank you, all three are must haves!


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