Polish Pickup August 2018 ~ Bluebird Lacquer

*Provided for review


Heeeyyy! How was your week? I’m sure it was the LONGEST week ever. You know, because Polish Pickup started today 🙂 This has been a very much anticipated release too! Musicals are a huge thing!! Even though musicals aren’t really my thing, I have definitely heard of My Fair Lady. Lou from Bluebird Lacquer used this as her inspiration in creating Isn’t She Loverly. Let’s check it out.

Isn’t She Loverly is a muted orchid pink holo polish with bronze micro flakies, turquoise/purple/pink ucc flakies, more holo and a touch of faux unicorn pee pigment. This is my first time trying Bluebird Lacquer and I am extremely happy. Formula was very smooth and level. I used 2 coats and a glossy and matte top coat. Seriously such a nice polish. I will say that I didn’t see the faux unicorn pee pigment. I think it’s hidden in the holo lol!


with flash
matte macro
with art

This beauty will be $12 USD and there is no cap! It will only be available August 3rd – 6th 2018 so don’t wait! You can add to your PPU list at any time before the shop closes and still just pay one flat shipping rate ❤ IDK how they do it but do take advantage!! I will leave the links below so check ’em out 🙂 Have a great rest of the weekend!!


Bluebird Lacquer: Shop: Instagram: Facebook: FB Fan Page: Twitter:

Polish Pickup: What It Is: Shop: Instagram: Facebook: FB Fan Page:


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