Moonflower Polish ~ Spring Holos

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Hello Lovelies ❤ It’s the weekend!! Any plans? I am at the in laws dog sitting 🙂 I love it so much. They have a boxer named Brisco and I swear he is my best friend<3<3<3 The in laws are on their way to pick up a new baby boxer right now! So excited 🙂 I am also really excited to bring you these new stamping polishes from Nadia at Moonflower Polish! I am still obsessing over the formula of these polishes! There is 4 iridescent, duochromey, holo jellies in this set. Let’s get to them 🙂

First things first, formula. AMAZING! These are 2-3 coat polishes but most worked for me with just 2! Which I think says a lot because I polish my coats very thin! You can’t even tell that its a jelly base really. It is super smooth and opaque. Not solid, but not sheer. And of course they are made to stamp. They do perfectly ❤ “For stamping, the effect should be a shimmery glow over a dark base or a bright pastel over lighter bases. If used as regular polish, 1 coat over black will enhance the duochrome shifts.”  Ok seriously this time….

First polish is Amapola. “Reddish jelly holographic base that shifts red-pink-orange. Amapola means hibiscus in Spanish.” This color is so different. It’s like a rusty, rosey, reddish-pink. This one was the sheerest. I used 3 thin coats plus top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

Next is this fantastic blue! “Crepúsculo – blue jelly holographic base with a purple-blue-teal shift. Crepúsculo means twilight in Spanish.” I used 2 buttery coats and top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

I think this next one will be a favorite. Everyone loves a good purple. “Mariposa – purple jelly holographic base that shifts purple-silver-blue shift. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish.” This one was also 2 thin perfect coats with top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

The last one is my favorite!! “Tortuga – yellow leaning green holo jelly base with a green-yellow-gold shift. Tortuga means turtle in Spanish.” This one is AWESOME! I have had it on my Cinderella hand for more than a week… by itself!! I never do that 🙂 So. Freaking. Pretty! I used 2 perfect coats with top coat for this baby. I forgot to take a single macro so I will update this when I do! This one has the strongest shift!!

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro
stamping macro

So which one is your favorite? I love them all but Tortuga is just omg… Prices are $9 for the 15ml, $34 for the set. $5 for the 7ml minis, $18 for the set. Release day is March 16th at 9 am. Don’t miss them. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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