LevelUP Lacquer ~ Polish Pickup February 2018

*Provided for review


Hey guys! Trying this wordpress thing again! I love the way it looks for now 🙂 I’m trying to be all fancy like lol. So, it’s almost that time again! Have you made your wishlist for all the goodies offered this month? Polish Pickup just got first place in an awards category. Go visit Polish Pickup Pack to see all the deets. Also, check HERE for all the info on how PPU works.


The February theme for PPU is “Sugar Rush” and Ash from LevelUP Lacquer has brought us a sugary, sweet, pink polish inspired by the boss “Baroness Von Bon Bon” from the game Cup Head. Got all that?


Baroness Of Sugarland is a creamy pink polish with silver holo flakes and color changing iridescent flakes. For me this polish was a tiny bit thick. PLEASE be easy on our indie polish makers. It is winter and a lot of places are cold. If you open it too quickly after you receive it, it will be thick and goopy. The polish is unharmed. Just add a few drops of polish thinner, give it a good shake, and you should be good to go. After I added thinner, the polish applied very smooth and very even. It does not dry with a texture but a good top coat to smooth the glitters will be best. Don’t forget to use a peel off base coat to make removing a breeze! I used 2 fabulous coats with top coat for my swatch.


with flash

I added some swirls. To me that said “candy and cute”. Not sure I pulled it off but here it is anyways!


with flash

After you drain your bank account… come share with me what ya got! I love to see sparkly hauls. Set your clocks and don’t be late because these things FLY! I hope you love Baroness Of Sugarland as much as I ❤ Have a fantastic Sunday. XOXO

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