Moonflower Polish ~ One More Light Collection

*Provided for review

Hello again 🙂 Are we ready for some deep feels? I have my tissues ready and I hope you have yours. I have written before about how I struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, excoriation, and then some. These feeling are usually overwhelming and alienating. It’s hard to be around others and be your self when you aren’t even sure what your real self is anymore. It seems hopeless and is very lonely. That’s what this collection highlights. Mental Illness, The Invisible Killer.

This is directly from Nadia, the maker of Moonflower Polish.
“The One More Light collection came about directly as the result of Chester Bennington, from Link Park’s, death. It struck a chord with me in a way that no other celebrity death had previously as I have been a longtime fan of their music. I reached out Jenalyn from Two Girls One Blush/Velashaa on IG because I knew she was feeling the same way and had been very vocal about her depression. I myself was diagnosed officially with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression back in 2005. It’s been an integral part of my life since then, pretty much shaping me into the person I am today. When I asked Jenalyn if she wanted to collab with me, I showed her a few song lyrics and the colors I had in mind and then I also asked to assign colors to what she feels when she’s depressed and happy. She provided me with some pictures to help explain her emotions in color form, and this is what we settled on. The colors represent both the good and the bad.” Color descriptions are also written by Nadia.

One More Light –  “a dusty purple holo with red to green color shifting shimmer. Inspired by the Linkin Park song of the same name, this song is what has kept me alive on my worst days. The chorus goes “Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars, it flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone’s time runs out? If a moment is all we are. We’re quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do” It reminds me that people do care about me, and I care about them. It shows the purpose of the collection, not just to raise awareness but to let others who are also suffering that we are here, there are lots of us, and we care.” I used 2 perfect coats for my swatch with top coat.

with flash

Shadow of the Day – “bluish gray base with pink-red-gold shimmer and scattered holo. Inspired by the song of the same name as well as a picture Jenalyn took. When we are struggling, the world feels all gray and heavy, it feels like there are no more options but one.” This one hits really close to home for me. 2 buttery coats with top coat.

with flash

This is a bit darker here. In real life it looks like the first picture. 

A Million Thoughts – “greenish teal base with red-green-copper shimmer. This color represent my personal struggles with anxiety. Depression comes and goes but anxiety is always there for me. It often feels like I have a million thoughts in my head, all at the same time, a million worries and what ifs. Teal is my favorite color and very representative of me, it’s the color fo the ocean of my Caribbean home (I’m from Puerto Rico originally), it’s the color I had on my hair for a while (but it’s purple now), it’s everything to me, it keeps me grounded.” This one is so complex and breath taking! I used 3 thin coats for this with top coat. So far all of these have amazing formulas… and they stamp!!

with flash

Heart and Soul – “wine jelly base with holo, purple-blue iridescent glitters, and purple-blue shimmers. This color represent my kids, they are the reason I’m still alive today, they reason I get up in the morning and fight. My son is 5 and his favorite color is red, my daughter is 10 and her favorite color is purple.” OH EM GEE!! The blue flash 😍 You need this one. 2 coats with top coat.

with flash

Again, this picture shows the polish darker than in real life. First pic is color accurate.

Do You Love Me – “dusty blue with gray microflakes and pink-red-gold shimmer. Inspired by Jenalyn’s long time boyfriend, specifically an old shirt of his that she loves. It’s calming and helps to center her.

It’s not that she thinks he doesn’t love her, but that she likes to ask him if he still loves her in order to calm the chaos in her brain even though she knows she’s his world.” THIS! My husband and I have been together for over 7 years and married over 5 years. Yet almost every day I find myself wondering this same thing. I used 3 coats for this one. The first coat was a tad patchy so the 3rd coat is just for good measure.

with flash

 The polishes will be $10 each, available in 15ml sizes only, the set will be $48. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Suicide Hotline and Linkin Park’s One More Light fund. They will be available starting on January 5th at 9am at my shop:

My first reaction of this polish was excellent. The formula is great and each one of the polishes applies beautifully. I could not have asked for a better first experience with Moonflower Polish. I know this was a lot to read but I hope you take in every last word. Supporting this polish brand in turn supports causes which are not heard from enough. Thanks so much for making it this far! Social media links below ❤

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