LevelUP Lacquer ~ Polish Pickup January 2018

*Provided for review

Hey peeps! Tonight is going to be busy here! I have this post and another as well as videos for both! So let’s get right to it. LevelUp Lacquer is returning again to Polish Pickup for January. The theme for Januarys inspiration is “Crystals & Gemstones”. Ashley, along with 2 other makers, Crows Toes & Chirality, have each chosen 1 of the 5 Infinity stones from the Marvel Universe to use as inspiration. The one I have for you today is inspired by Aether. 

Infinite Realities has a sheer, ultra holographic base with black and red glitters in multiple shapes and sizes. This polish can be used as a topper but I suggest it by itself. It is just so busy that it needs nothing else! It is a glitter bomb so I suggest a peel off base coat for easier removal. I used 3 thinner coats for my swatch and 2 coats of top coat. It is a thirsty glitter so a good top coat is pretty important. 

with flash

So? What do you think? I think it’s phenomenal! SO. MUCH. SPARKLE. Totally captures the theme for the month. Polish Pickup will be open January 5th – 8th so make sure you set your alarms! These are the only days you can get this! Follow Polish Pickup on Facebook to keep up with all the brands participating. Have a good night y’all 💓

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