Beauty Bigbang ~ Peacock Holo Powder

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Hello again nail peeps! Hope you have all been being good. Christmas is coming up very quickly and I have the perfect place for you to go shopping with that Christmas money you get. Beauty Bigbang has so many things for such great prices. And not just for nails either. Hair stuff and make up and more. Today we are going to look at the Peacock Holo Pigment
item #J2952-6A. Let’s get to it!

Picture taken from Beauty Bigbang website

This powder is duochrome and has a linear holo effect.  You must have a gel polish base for this powder. That means you need to use a polish that will cure in either UV light or LED light. Regular polish won’t work for this. If you don’t want the same mani for weeks, I suggest a peel off base coat. Here is how you do it:

1) Apply a peel off base coat (or regular gel base coat). 

2) Polish your fist coat of gel polish, preferably black, then cure.

3) Polish a second coat of your gel polish (if needed) then cure.

4) Using a clean free gel top coat, seal your color then cure. If you do not have a clean free gel top coat I suggest this one, also from Beauty Bigbang, item #J2845.

5) Using an eyeshadow applicator, or your finger, take a small amount of powder and rub it right on your nail. Keep rubbing until the entire nail is covered in the Peacock Holo Powder.
6) Using a fan brush, or any little brush you have on hand, gently wipe away the excess powder. 

7) Using your clean free top coat, seal and cure.


It is all quite simple actually. The end result is fantastic and the price point is great. Because of this wonderful low price, there is not going to be a full tub of powder. These things are very expensive. I think it is the perfect way to try something out on a tighter budget. In my household, there is only 1 income, so for me this would be ideal! I also added some art after I was done as well. Overall, I give this product 5 Beans. That’s right, Beans (coffee beans, duh). It’s my new rating system 🙂 5 Beans is the highest rating so this stuff is good. Please use my code: CAFF10 for a discount!! Enjoy all the pics below. Let me know what you think of the Peacock Holo Powder in the comments!! Have a great week all ❤

with flash

low light
low light

with flash

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