LevelUP Lacquer ~ New Colors!

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Hey guys!! How are things where you are? Here in Connecticut, it is finally feeling like fall 🍁🍂   I had my husband start grabbing stuff to make crockpot soups. I LOVE THIS SEASON. Fun fact: I am watching Hocus Pocus right now 😍 A few weeks ago, Ash sent me some new colors. 6 to be exact so let’s jump right in.

          Bang is inspired by Spike from the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Have you seen it? Anime is probably my most unliked type of anything. I have never gotten into it. EVER. I can’t even tell you why either because I love cartoons and all types of weird crazy shit. The polish is awesome so I guess I took a microscopic step in the right direction?? Bang is a royal blue crelly base with yellow glitters and glass flecks. It dries semi-matte and oh so shquishy!! I used 3 coats plus top coat to get it opaque to my liking. You may want to add another coat or pair it with a similar base color.

with flash

          Swordfish II. Can you guess what this one is inspired by? Yup! Spike’s ship, also from Cowboy Bebop! This one is a glitter topper and it is super versatile. Its full of red and black glitters with a touch of white glitters. The awesome thing about this one is that some of the red glitters are transparent. So if you layer it over a light color it will look pinkish. Instant Valentine’s Day polish 💥
I used one smooth coat, over a light grey, with top coat. The glitters in this lay perfectly flat 👍

with flash

          This one is called Dark Garnet. It’s a dense glitter topper that gets to full coverage with 3 easy coats. It’s dark and super sparkly. Vampy and totally perfect for this time of year. It will add glam to anything! I used 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Oh flakies, why you so good?!?! I had no idea how much I could end up loving flakies. LevelUP Lacquer has some awesome flakies. This one is called Crystal Complex. The base is a jelly that is a stunning mix of emerald and teal. Then the flakies… glass fleck, rainbow, electric blue. I want to swim in this forever 😍 My pics show 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Super Nova is next. This is a dark blurple jelly filled with rainbow flakies and iridescent glitters. I thought this was blue. Then I thought it was purple. It definitely changes with the light but this is the exact definition of “blurple”. Super smooth and very eye catching. I used 3 coats with top coat.

with flash

          Guys. This one is mine!! I fell in love with Selene the minute I saw her so I asked Ash if she would add some silver holo flakies and name it Jennifer. She said yes and then I died. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this ❤❤❤ If you want to see Selene just click HERE and it will take you to that post! Without further adieu, I give you the flakie, holo, goodness of Jennifer! 1 coat over black with top coat. Ill throw in some matte stuff too 😀

          What do you think? I may be the tiniest bit bias but I’m gonna have to say that Jennifer is my favorite. My second choice though is definitely Dark Garnet. Such a sparkly beauty. Most of these are available now and the ones that aren’t will be available Monday (10/23/17)! Stop by the shop and have a look. There are tons of other polishes available as well. Have a fantabulous weekend y’all!!



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