LevelUP Lacquer ~ It’s Always Sunny

                                                                           *Provided for review

          Monday again! And of course last night was Sunday so we were at the in laws for dinner and football! My MIL’s birthday just passed so she wanted to order pizza. So we had pizza and I made chocolate chip blondies for dessert! I think my in laws hate me for bringing them such fattening stuff all the time LOL. They love me for it at the same time though. They NEVER get any dessert out of a box from me. Always scratch made, and always something different 🙂 Don’t forget to click those links up there for recipes!! The pizza dough recipe is burned into my memory. We have been using it for years for our homemade pizzas. I suppose we should talk polish now, huh? Food always gets me sidetracked. Anywho…

         Today I have a 5 piece collection from LevelUP Lacquer that’s inspired by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! Have you seen it? WOW… That’s all I really have to say. These polishes are actually based on 1 specific episode: season 4, episode 13. This is the only episode I watched fully and while it wasn’t terrible, it’s just not for me. I’m pretty picky about my comedy. Each polish has an inspiration pic and they are so spot on! These will be available on October 3rd at 9am Alaska Time!!

          First up we have Do Not Bone Me. This one is a sunny yellow polish with micro glass fleck flakies. I used 3 thinner coats with top coat for my swatch and there was a very slight visible nail line; and I mean slight! Formula was okay, not great. It’s a yellow polish thing. Yellows usually have a picky formula so if you look at it from that angel than it was good! For the stamping I used Winstonia plates W111 & W406.

with flash

          This chick is funny! 8 Or 9 Out Of 10 is a bright pink crelly polish with neon and fuchsia glitters and gold micro flakies. The flakies are pretty subtle but they are oh so purty ❤ I used 3 thin coats plus top coat for my swatch. For the art I used Winstonia plate W109. Fun Fact: I used to take part in a Madrigal Feast at my high school (huge show with all of the arts departments). My costume every year was a dress that matches this one perfectly!!

with flash

          Troll Toll. Danny DeVito is the shit. Seriously. The polish is just so fitting. It has glitters that shift just like the magical unicorn pee pigment. Green to red to gold. So awesome. This is a brown that is PERFECT for fall! I used 2 remarkable coats and top coat for this swatch. Art for this polish was done with Pueen plate PUEEN05.

with flash

          Dayman aaaAAAhh is a silver foil polish. The particles are big so it almost looks chunky. It lays totally smooth and goes on great! Nice and sparkly 🙂 I did not do any art on this one. Instead, I used the last polish in this set which is a glitter topper!

with flash

          Laughs Are Cheap is a black and yellow glitter topper. It is full of glitter! My husband and I both thought it was a black polish with yellow glitters until I swatched it lol! The glitters lay flat and the distribution is awesome! I dabbed a little just to make sure I got some yellow glitters. I used 1 coat over Dayman aaaAAAhh with top coat. No art, just glitter 🙂

with flash

          My final thought are this: wonderful polish, not so wonderful show… Troll Toll is a must have for this season!! Make sure you check out the swatch video on YouTube. Let me know down below what you think of the show and/or this specific episode! Have a great week 🙂

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