OPI Iceland Fall/Winter 2017 ~ Down To Earth

                                                                          *Provided for review
                                                                          *Picture heavy

Hi polish lovers! I hope your weekend went well 🙂 I had family dinner last night at the inlaws. Fajitas and apple upside down cake. Seriously fantastic ❤ Thankfully that stuff was amazing because my Cowboys were not… Really Dak? 17-42???? UGH! So, I liked sharing recipes in my post a few weeks ago. Click on the stuff I just mentioned and it will bring you to the recipes I use for my household!! We are now at the end of our OPI Iceland Fall/Winter 2017 collection. This last segment has the earth shades. The kind you always want and need in a good polish collection!
 The polishes have the signature OPI formula. Luxurious, opaque, and it practically paints itself. It is such a dream to work with. It stays where you put it, doesn’t drip all over the place, and it dries super fast. I actually had to use remover to take off some of these swatches lol! I think the Infinite Shine line of polishes dry much faster than their regular line. Every swatch is using the full 3 step system: 1) Primer 2) 2 coats of color 3) Gloss.
Icelanded A Bottle Of OPI is a perfect transition polish. You can go from fall to winter with this color easily! Its almost the color of a putty and will match absolutely anything. Great for nail art as well. For the art I used Turn On The Northern Lights and Winstonia stamping plate W403.

With flash

Oh I love this one so much! This Isn’t Greenland is a muted pastel grass green. I could never have too much of this color in my polish collection. Since it is a grassy color I added some mushrooms using That’s What Friends Are Thor and Winstonia stamping plate W110. I apologize for the inconsistency in the polish color. My camera did not like it very much 😦
 The macro picture is color accurate.

With flash

That’s What Friends Are Thor is a coffee brown. I think I may be starting to like brown polish! Maybe… a little. Art for this one is a smoosh mani using Check Out The Old Geysirs. These colors together are just so exquisite ❤ 

With flash

Krona-logical Order had me staring! I have never seen a blue toned brown. I don’t even know how to describe it! I promise you will understand when you see it for yourself. Even cooler is the fact that I stamped this with a very light color and it showed up soooo well! I used One Heckla Of A Color and Winstonia stamping plate W402.

With flash

Now that we have seen all 12 shades what do you think? I think you need them all! Just overall really wonderful polishes. I will be sharing my video swatches of these colors tomorrow!!  *I would like to thank OPI & Preen.Me for sending me this set for free in return for my review. As always, all thoughts are entirely my own! Have a great week everyone ❤ Thanks for stopping by! 

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