OPI Iceland Fall/Winter 2017 ~ A Gorgeous Case Of The Monday Blues

                                                                      *Provided for review
                                                                      *Picture heavy

Hey guys! How was your weekend? As usual mine was way more uneventful than I would like to admit. The highlight? My Cowboys won!! Any who, today we will be looking at the blue and purple shades of the new OPI Iceland Collection.

Ok… so I forgot one in the first pic. Now you get 2 scenic pics! My father has a gorgeous yard so I went and did a nature photo shoot. I am going to do a quick summary of my experience with these then I will show the pics. I want to keep this short for you since there are quite a few pics.
 Four of these are cremes. They have the signature OPI formula. Luxurious, opaque, and it practically paints itself. It is such a dream to work with. It stays where you put it, doesn’t drip all over the place, and it dries super fast. I actually had to use remover to take off some of these swatches lol! I think the Infinite Shine line of polishes dry much faster than their regular line. The fifth polish is a crelly leaning jelly formula. All of the same characteristics just not as opaque. The coverage is splendid and will build up nicely. I will say that I would prefer better base and top coat. The brush marks from the top coat brush are not too nice. We will get into that in the next batch of polishes from this collection. Until then let get to these beauties. Every swatch is using the full 3 step system: 1) Primer 2) 2 coats of color 3) Gloss.
Starting with the purples we have One Heckla Of A Color. This one is a medium lavender color. Simple and stunning. I am always attracted to purple and blue polishes. For the nail art I used Suzi & The Arctic Fox to do a diagonal dry brush manicure.

With flash

Suzi & The Arctic Fox is super deceiving. I thought it was a deep, deep blue until I put it on my nails. I could live in this type of color. Seriously eye catching with the ways it can look blue or even brown sometimes. For the nail art I used Reykjavik Has All The Hot Spots and Polished Vino’s original clear nail vinyls in the “chevron variety”. 

With flash

Check Out The Old Geysirs is the first blue. No big deal. Just a sky blue with electric blue shimmer. Swoon. For the nail art I used Less Is Norse and CICI & SISI stamping plate #04.

With flash

I think this one is my favorite of the whole collection. Less Is Norse is a dark, dusty blue which doesn’t sound amazing but trust me when I say you need this! Nail art for this one is a watermarble using This Isn’t Greenland. As far as art goes, they stamp super well. Watermarble not so much. They dry too fast! I could barely get these done. Not worth the hassle.

With flash

Turn On The Northern Lights is the last polish for today. This one is a little bit more sheer than the rest but the shimmer makes it worth it. It’s close to the UP (unicorn pee) pigment everyone is freaking out about at the moment. The shimmer shifts from red to green to gold. Its just breathtaking. For the nail art I used Icelanded A Bottle Of OPI and Winstonia plate #W405.

With flash

I love this collection. It perfectly captures the upcoming seasons. I will be posting the rest of the collection in 2 more parts since it’s a large set. *I would like to thank OPI & Preen.Me for sending me this set for free in return for my review. As always, all thoughts are entirely my own!  So which of these is your favorite? Make sure you comment below and stay tuned for more to come!! Have a great week 🙂 

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