Honey Bunny Lacquer ~ Spring 2017 Supermodel Collection

                                                                         **Provided for review and picture heavy!!

          Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 The weather has been perfect! Well, here in CT it’s been nice lol. I got the mother of all nail mail on Friday so I have been swatching like crazy. First collection I want to share with you is the Supermodel Collection. This 5 piece set is brought to you by Deb, owner/creator of Honey Bunny Lacquer. There is something for everyone in this spread. There’s a matte, glow in the dark, thermal, and a duo chrome. I know that’s 4 lol. The 5th polish is a pastel shimmer. After the swatches I will give you pricing and release info and a code! For now though, let’s commence drooling.

         Christy is a very soft lavender polish with subtle turquoise shimmer. It looks almost frosty with the super fine shimmer. She applied easily and evenly. I used 2 coats plus top coat.

Christy macro
This beauty is named Cindy. She is a super sparkly salmon pink filled with micro gold flakes. Cindy glows in the dark. This polish looked liked it would dry with a slight texture due to the amount of flakes but it didn’t! It was completely smooth. I did feel that the salmon pink shifted to more of an orange color for the same reason. Either way, she is gorgeous and has a strong glow!! I used 2 thin coats with top coat.

Cindy macro
Cindy glow in the dark

Cindy glow in the dark macro
Claudia is next. She is a minty matte with a beautiful pink spark and shimmer. This polish is wonderful as is, but she really shines with top coat. Again, I used 2 smooth coats with and without top coat.
Claudia matte

Claudia matte macro
Claudia with a glossy top coat

Claudia macro with a glossy top coat
          The 4th model in this set is Nadja. That just looks/sounds like a supermodel name, no? This polish is a blue-purple shifty beauty. It also has flakies that shift from blue-purple. When the polish looks purple, the flakies look blue. When the polish looks blue, the flakies look purple. It’s mesmerizing and very unique. For this one I used 3 thin coats with top coat. Super smooth application.

Nadja macro
          The last of the supermodels is also my favorite. Stephanie is a scattered holographic thermal polish that, when warm is a sheer-ish white, and when cold is an opaque cerulean blue.The formula for this one is absolute perfection. She also shifts with little effort. I used 3 thin coats to build up the white, then added top coat.
Stephanie warm
Stephanie warm macro

Stephanie cold
Stephanie macro cold
Stephanie transition
Stephanie macro transition

Stephanie macro transition

Stephanie cold/warm
Ok! Now that you have seen the ladies, let’s get the rest of the run down. This collection will be available on Friday May 26th. You can purchase these all separate for $5 for a 7ml mini and $9 for a full size. Stephanie will be $5.25 for the 7ml and $9.50 for the full size since she is a thermal. You can also get these as a set for a discounted price. $23 for a mini set and $43 for the full size set. Starting on May 26th and ending on June 9th you can use the code SUPERMODEL2017 to save 25% on all orders of $15 or more (before shipping). I will have the links down below!! Have a great week everyone ❤
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