Quixotic Polish ~ The Vere Suo Trio

                                                                             *I won these!!

          I am so excited to bring you this post! The minute I saw Quixotic Polish my heart kinda fluttered. They are beyond gorgeous. Then Mary had a giveaway and I happen to win 🙂 It always means so much to me to win things. With only 1 income, the small things, are highly treasured! I got these in the mail yesterday and I dropped everything to swatch them. I mean, LOOK AT THEM!!

L-R: Viridi Ignis, Rosea, Amsonia Ciliata.

          The first one I chose to swatch was obviously gonna be the pink one! Rosea is described as “A delicate pink with lots of added gold to green shimmer.” I honestly thought this was a duo chrome. The shimmer is so strong that it looks like its own color. It is very delicate and sheer, but it built up nicely. I used 3 thin, smooth, silky coats with top coat.

I added some quick stamping to Rosea using my new CICI&SISI plates. The plate is CICI&SISI04 and the polish I used to stamp is SinfulColors #1124 Outrageous. Stamper used was my short and clear stamper from Polished Vino.

This is the one that I knew I had to have. Viridi Ignis is described as “A minty turquoise polish that shifts from blue to pink along with some added holo sparkle.” That is very accurate. This polish is oh so mermaid-y ❤ Seriously! Just the right amount of holo sparkle and the formula is like buttah!! I used 3 thin coats for my swatch plus top coat.

Again, I added some quick stamping. I even used the same plate lol. CICI&SIS04. The polishes I used to stamp with are SinfulColors #1109 Grecian Sun and Formula X Platinum Prime. My trusty short clear stamper from Polished Vino was used here as well.

This last one is so complex! Amsonia Ciliata is described as “A dusty grey blue that has gold to indigo shimmers.” Again, a pretty accurate description, but this is one of those polishes that need to be seen in person. I see purple, pink, green, and different blues along with the gold and grey. So, so gorgeous!! Formula is just like the others, wonderful! 3 thin coats plus top coat.

For this color, I wanted to use my new vinyls from Polished Vino. Complete fail… Everything I did just kept messing me up more. All user error I promise!! I finished because I am not a quitter! I just really should have stuck to stamping lol. I used the Chevron Variety sheet in the Original Clear Vino Vinyls and SinfulColors #983 Beverly Hills. YIKES…

Aren’t they beautiful?!?! They are on sale at the moment for $27.00 + shipping. I am not sure if these are Limited Edition or not but I suggest you hurry and grab them anyways. Super unique polish that all polish lovers need in their stash!! Links for all the brands below 🙂 I hope you all have a very Happy Easter ❤
Quixotic Polish:: Website:: Instagram::Facebook::
Formula X:: Website::
Polished Vino:: Website:: Instagram:: Facebook::

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