February Adore Box

                                                                      *Provided for review/press sample

          Hey peoples!! That’s not rude is it?? I hope not! So, how are things where you are? I am busy busy busy!! Lots of stuff going on here as far as reviews and regular home stuff. First let me apologize for the delay. I like to actually try and use my products before reviewing them. My daughters and I had a blast with this box. Let’s get started 🙂


          I hope you can see that choker!! It was the only pic I was able to get before it got taken!! I tried it on (and loved it), then my daughters both tried it on. Pretty sure my mom has it now lol. That should say enough though. It was a huge hit in this family ❤

          Next up is the Crown Brush Fan Brush. If you watched my un-boxing video, the word I was looking for was SYNTHETIC. Ugh… Anyways, This fan brush is definitely on the thicker side. I actually used it to contour. It blended wonderfully. I don’t have any fan brushes so I can’t wait to put this to good use!

          The Kleancolor Peel-N-Seal Brow Tint Gel is awesome!! I was nervous because I had never used something like this before. Then I opened it and was terrified!! The gel is soooo dark. I figured what the heck and slapped it on.  Application was pretty easy.  It took about 2-3 minutes to fully dry. When it was dry, I started at the end of my brow and peeled toward the center. It took a few stray brows but I didnt even feel it. It didn’t pull or get tight at all. What I was left with was a brow that was a shade darker than my original brows. You can leave it on longer for more dramatic results. I absolutely love it. Such a hassle free way to deepen your brow color!! Gonna need more of this.

         Peter Lamas Nourishing Buriti Oil Moisturizer. I was so excited to see that there was a moisturizer in this months box. My skin is normally dry, never mind in winter. Right after I filmed my un-boxing, I put some of this on. I will say it could have smelled better. But the relief I felt was immediate. Very nice on the skin.

          One of my favorite things this month was the Me Now True Lips Lip Liner Pencil. It is the hottest of hot pinks. I used to always be a lip balm girl. My new found love of make up has really made me want to try new things. THIS. WAS. PERFECT! I used this to line my lips and color them a little, then added a sheer translucent gloss over it. I really loved the affect ❤ I have very thin french lips so if you know any good plumping glosses or whatever, let a girl know!!! This liner applied so smoothly.

          Now for my favorite product! Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour. This is a new to me brand so I was beyond excited to get this baby. I have only heard amazing things about this brand and I was more than blown away. This eye color flows on like silk! So pigmented and is has some serious stay power! I have only tried this on quickly but I can tell you already it will be getting lots of use from me. The gorgeous flecks it has is just…. Omg.

          Again, I am super happy with my Adore Beauty Box. These are all things that will get actual use. There is nothing worse than a box full of stuff you wont use! Luckily that is not the case with this box. It is super customizable and affordable. And if you want your first box for half off, use the code: HALFOFF    As always the links are below! Don’t pass this box up!! You will not be dissappointed ❤ Have a great week everyone 🙂

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