New Overwatch Colors!

                                                                       *Provided for review / press sample

            Hey!!! It’s Friday 🙂 And with today being the most awesome day of the week, I bring you awesome, new Overwatch colors from LevelUP Lacquer! Ash has been very busy in her lab creating so many beauties ❤ This installation of the Overwatch series has 4 new polishes. One of them is thermal!! And as usual she has kept them so very unique. Let’s get to it, shall we?

          The first color I want to show you is Orb Of Harmony. This polish is based off of the character Zenyatta. It is a charcoal-ish silver metallic polish with gold flakies. It dries naturally to a satin finish. For my swatch I used 2 smooth coats with top coat.

          The next one up is Boop. This one is amazing. Based off of Sombra, it is a light orchid crelly base with purple hex glitters and a very subtle dusting of holo.  The formula is perfect and squishy. No glitter fishing at all. 2 coats with top coat.

This macro is the most color accurate pic of this polish
Now we have the thermal. This one is based on Symmetra and is called My Reality. Oh how I love thermal polishes. This one is very sensitive. When warm it is a milky whitish-grey color with tons of teal and white glitters. When cold the base turns teal. It is so awesome because with each change, there is a different stand out feature. Cold shows off the white glitters, and warm shows the teal glitters. I used 3 thin coats for my swatch. The formula was great and had plenty of glitters naturally.

Warm state

Warm state
Cold state

Cold state

Warm state macro

Cold state macro

Transition macro

As much as I love thermals, this next polish was the standout for me. It’s called High Noon and is based on McCree. This is a plum toned brown jelly polish with lavender, copper, and red glitters. On paper this just doesnt make sense to me. In the bottle it is STUNNING! Never in my life would I have thought to put these colors together but it works so very well. As per her norm, Ash does unique with a bang. 2 perfect coats with top coat.

As always, Ashley outdid herself. These polishes are unique and fun, to say the least. What do you think of them? These four new colors will be available on February 17th. Make sure you check out the links below because there are some new colors you have to see!! Let me know below which is your favorite 🙂 Thanks for sticking through all the pics!



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