LevelUP Lacquer ~ Valentine’s Day Trio

                                                                      *Provided for review

          Who is excited for Valentine’s day?? My husband and I have no plans this year. Our 5 year anniversary is at the end of March so we are saving up for that instead. Even with no plans, I have really been feeling V-day nails!! Today, I bring you a trio of polishes inspired by “The Princess Bride”.

          This is one of my husbands favorite movies 🙂 Today is also his birthday so this is very fitting. Let’s jump right in with The Man In Black. It is such an elegant polish. It’s a black creme polish with gold micro flakies and a gorgeous green shimmer. Such a refreshing way to wear black. I used 2 smooth coats with top coat.

          The second polish in this trio is Truu Wuuv. This one is a berry color polish with gold and fuchsia micro flakies. Super pretty ❤ I used 2 wonderful coats and top coat. I also want to apologize real quick for the crazy color of my hands! I had to warm up the picture to get it true to color. I'll add a pic to show what it started as!!

How different is that lol?? I usually don’t do anything but crop my pics but this was a little ridiculous…

          OK! Lastly, we have Princess Buttercup. This one is my favorite!! It is a holo polish with holo micro flakies. The color is amazing. It’s a red with a touch of brown. When I say a touch, I mean like a drop. It’s so gorgeous!! My swatch is 2 coats of perfection with top coat!!

          This trio is available now in Ash’s store! It even has my husbands approval. That means the polishes match the movie lol. I really really enjoyed the simplicity of each polish. They each had something, but mostly it was a subtle something. These types of polishes are highly underrated! Will you be grabbing this trio? Let me know in the comments!! As always, links to Ash’s shop and social media down below!!

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